1210P College Governance

Original Date: 6/7/2017 * Last Revision Effective: 6/7/2017
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Bellevue College (BC) is committed to a system of college governance that fosters broad-based participation and input from students, faculty, and staff regarding college policy, oversight, operations, and strategy.

The college will adopt a model for college governance that facilitates informed, transparent decision-making in the overall interest of the institution through which all members of the college community have the opportunity to express opinions and make proposals to college management. It will manage associated information, communication, and recommendations.


BC Governance (BCG) will be the means through which the college as a collective entity engages in decision-making to advance the vision, mission, and strategic direction of the college.

BCG will consist of a College Assembly and councils that will develop and forward advisory opinions and recommendations to the president. The councils will represent:

  • All constituencies: students, faculty, classified staff, and exempt staff.
  • Key college functions: Academic programming (Faculty Council), Student Success, Resources & Planning, Inclusion & Diversity, and Infrastructure.

The Assembly and councils will work in a collegial, collaborative, and communicative way. BCG is the required forum to address matters including, but not limited to:

  • College policies and associated procedures
  • Strategic planning, and
  • Other issues of college-wide concern

While recommendations are considered advisory, they require serious consideration and written response from the president.

A general charter for BCG, and bylaws for the Assembly and councils will guide all actions within the scope of the governance system. Additional processes may also be established to provide structure and oversight for BCG.

BCG will operate in accordance with Washington State law, which establishes the board of trustees’ responsibilities and authority over policy and the total college program. Contractual rights reserved to the college’s bargaining units and regular management responsibilities are excluded from BC Governance without expressed consent.

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