1470 Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse

Original Date: 5/29/2012 * Last Revision Effective: 12/12/2023
Policy Contact: Vice President, Human Resources


It is the policy of Bellevue College that all employees report child abuse and neglect as described below. The report must be made at the first opportunity, and never later than 48 hours after the college employee has reasonable cause to believe that a child has suffered abuse or neglect.

Academic, administrative and athletic employees, including student employees, must make any report directly to the proper law enforcement agency or the department of social and health services. The vice president of human resources will assist in reporting to these agencies.

All other employees must make any report directly to the vice president of human resources. The vice president of human resources must make a report to the proper law enforcement agency or the department of social and health services

Bellevue College will communicate this policy to all employees on an annual basis to ensure that they have knowledge about their reporting responsibilities.

Immunity From Liability
Any person reporting alleged child abuse or neglect in good faith shall be immune from any legal liability arising out of such reporting.

A person who, in good faith cooperates in an investigation of a report of child abuse or neglect shall not be subject to civil liability arising out of their cooperation.

However, a person who, intentionally and in bad faith, knowingly makes a false report of alleged abuse or neglect or fails to report the alleged abuse or neglect shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and violation of college policy.

Reporting Guidance
The vice president of human resources is the college’s designee to receive reports and provide guidance regarding an employee’s reporting obligations. The vice president of human resources may designate another human resources employee as their designee in the event of their absence.


Abuse or neglect

  • means sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, or injury of a child by any person under circumstances which cause harm to the child’s health, welfare, or safety, excluding conduct permitted under RCW 9A.16.100; or the negligent treatment or maltreatment of a child by a person responsible for or providing care to the child. An abused child is a child who has been subjected to child abuse or neglect as defined in this section.

Academic employee

  • means any teacher, counselor, librarian, or department head, who is employed by any college district, whether full or part time.


  • means any person employed either full or part time by the college district and who performs administrative functions as at least fifty percent or more of their assignments.

Child or children

  • means any person under the age of eighteen years of age.


  • means the state department of social and health services.

Law enforcement agency

  • means the police department, the prosecuting attorney, the state patrol, or the office of the sheriff.

Relevant Laws

RCW 26.44.030
RCW 28B.10

Revision History

Original 5/29/2012; 2/5/2015; 12/12/2023

Approved By

Board of Trustees

Last Updated December 13, 2023