2020 Official Student E-Mail Communication

Original Date: 7/6/2010 * Last Revision Effective: 3/24/2015
Policy Contact: Vice President, Student Affairs


The college requires that all credit students have an official Bellevue College (BC) student e-mail account for the purpose of receiving official college communications which may include but is not limited to: campus security alerts, campus closures, information technology (IT) security alerts, financial aid notifications, enrollment and registration transactions or instructor messages.

After acceptance or re-application to the college, students will automatically be required to create their official BC Student e-mail account when they create a BC NetID via the college website. The college may block a student from registration access in future quarters if an official student e-mail account is not created. Bellevue College employees who register for college credit classes are also required to create a BC student e-mail account.

The college will send all official administrative and instructional communications to credit students’ BC student e-mail account.


Official Bellevue College (BC) Student E-mail Account

  • An e-mail account the college provides to all credit students after acceptance to the college.

Official College E-Mail Communication

  • Any e-mail message of communication sent from college administration and/or instructional departments to all credit students who are currently attending or have attended in past quarters.

Credit Students

  • Students who are currently enrolled or have been enrolled in past quarters, in any course that awards college credit.


  • A BC NetID is a network account that is used to log in to multiple technological services and resources at Bellevue College including (but not limited to) the official BC student e-mail account, MyBC, the college web portal, MyBC class sites, computers in classrooms and labs, and the college wireless network.

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Original 7/6/2010
Revisions 9/11/2012; 3/24/2015

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