5170 Library and Career Center Internet Usage

Original Date: 7/15/2008 * Last Revision Effective: 4/28/2015
Policy Contact: Vice President, Information Technology Services


Bellevue College operates a private telecommunications network as part of its physical infrastructure. As a state-funded public institution Bellevue College also has a responsibility to support community needs. One aspect of this public support is that some members of the community may periodically use Bellevue College facilities, including the computing technology that may be installed in those facilities. The purpose of this policy is to clearly delineate the limitations of the Internet and computing technology access available to the public at those facilities.

This policy applies to all computing technology on campus that may be publicly accessible and to all users of that technology. This includes access to both internal network services and to the wider internet via the college network, through both wired and wireless means.

Bellevue College’s internet access is through a private network provided exclusively for the benefit of Bellevue College students, employees, staff, visitors, conference attendees, invitees and others directly involved in campus life and the academic community. The private Bellevue College network is available through both wired and wireless terminals, but access is not extended to the public at-large, except on a limited basis, only through on-campus Bellevue College facilities such as the library, career center, and north campus areas.

To ensure the continued privacy of the Bellevue College network, security measures, policies and standards will be implemented to only grant access to the network to those using physical campus facilities or through authorized user authentication and access codes, such as login accounts and passwords. Public access through Bellevue College facilities will be limited to only include internet access. To control this limited public access, Bellevue College support personnel may configure and use automatic login accounts in accordance with the requirements of the Bellevue College IT security standard addressing password management exceptions.

Public access to the Bellevue College wireless network is not allowed. Any potential public access to the Bellevue College network which may extend beyond the physical confines of the college, such as through wireless networking, will be configured to require the registration of such a wireless device by an authorized Bellevue College user prior to granting network access.


The major responsibilities of each party in connection with this policy are as follows:

Information Technology Services (ITS)

  • Responsibility for maintenance and administration of this policy rests with the vice president of information technology services. ITS is responsible for drafting any updates and changes to the policies and procedures, with input from the technology advisory committee. After appropriate campus review and final approval by the college president, ITS will announce the new or revised policy to the campus, providing a brief description of the policy and its implications for employees and other affected individuals or groups.

Technology Advisory Committee (TAC)

  • The technology advisory committee (TAC) is responsible for reviewing Bellevue College technology strategies and serving as a conduit for dialogue between ITS and the campus regarding all technology policies and procedures. Membership of this group is representative of the campus, and supports the vice president of information technology services by advocating for and presenting the campus technology needs.

Relevant Laws and Other Resources

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Revision History

Original 7/15/2008
Revision 5/21/2009; 9/13/2012; 4/28/2015

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Last Updated April 28, 2015