5200 Student Network Web Space Usage Policy

Original Date: 7/10/2003 * Last Revision Effective: 4/28/2015
Policy Contact: Vice President, Information Technology Services


Bellevue College provides computing technology resources for students, staff, and faculty to facilitate and support the educational and institutional missions of the college. As part of these purposes, Bellevue College provides web server access on the student network for students, staff, and faculty to support academic work or college activities.

This policy establishes procedures and guidelines for how access to the student network web server is granted, how it is managed, who may request access, appropriate use of the server, length of use, and terms of use.


This policy applies to all Bellevue College students and college employees as well as any individual not employed by the college who may require access to the student network web server. This policy does not address or supersede any procedures or policies for requesting server accounts on the administrative network web server, nor does it supersede any requirements of Bellevue College policy #5160 – Bellevue College Network and Internet Usage or Bellevue College policy #5170 – Library Internet Usage.

Users must comply with all guidelines and procedures outlined in this policy, as well as in all other Bellevue College policies, including policy #4400 – Acceptable Use of State Resources, policy #5150 – Acceptable Use of Information Technology, and policy #5000 – Acceptable Use of Bellevue College Computers. Users who are approved to access the student network web server will also apply the terms of this policy when navigating through networks or computing systems beyond the local Bellevue College systems.

Policy Intent

It is the intent of this policy to support Bellevue College’s mission of encouraging students to become responsible, analytical, creative and productive citizens and to facilitate the exchange of information among students to create a sense of community. This policy is not intended to limit academic freedom in any way, but provides for the proper exercise of those freedoms.

This policy shall also encourage pluralism within Bellevue College’s multicultural society and support the educational needs of the diverse college community. The goal of offering web space is to provide an open and effective method for using the Internet as an efficient information technology infrastructure for instructional, research, and informational use.


It is the policy of Bellevue College to provide access to web server hosting and storage space for students, staff, faculty and individuals who meet the criteria for authorized use. In addition, access to the student network web server may be granted to individuals or groups having direct business with the college or supporting college activities which require such access.

Access to the student network web server may only be requested for educational and/or college-related activities; commercial or personal use is specifically prohibited.

Criteria for Authorized Use

All server access is granted by the director of computing services, or authorized designee. To be granted access to web space on the student network, the individual must be:

  • A currently enrolled student at Bellevue College who is using the web server to support activities for a Bellevue College-chartered club or organization as defined by student programs policy.
  • A Bellevue College faculty or staff member who requires access to the student network web server to support daily activities and work.
  • A currently enrolled student at Bellevue College who requires access to the student network web server to fulfill a curriculum component or internship work.

By using this web service, users agree to all terms outlined in this policy and agree that Bellevue College’s role in managing this system is only as an information carrier. Users will never consider transmission through this system as an endorsement by Bellevue College.


The director of computing services is assigned as the facility program manager for all computing resources and facilities on campus, and has primary responsibility for all aspects of the operation of student network computing technology on campus. The director has the authority to interpret this policy, all Bellevue College IT security policies and standards, and any directives from the state and/or the college administration regarding student network computing facilities, the physical and virtual facilities used to support the those facilities, and the student network.

Bellevue College, through its administrative representatives, reserves the right to determine, at any time, what constitutes appropriate use of the Bellevue College network and technology resources, including any network access and/or any computing services provided by Bellevue College.

Use of Academic Network Web Pages

Authorized users of Bellevue College student network web space may:

Using Bellevue College technology resources, including Bellevue College-provided web sites, for uses and/or communications that are specifically prohibited in Bellevue College policy #4400 – Acceptable Use of State Resources, or which violate any other Bellevue College policy and/or state and federal rule and/or law is strictly forbidden. Violation of any of these is grounds for immediate loss of privileges to the resource.


Inappropriate usage of the student network web space includes, but is not restricted to, using provided web space and/or the student network to:

  • Send and/or receive messages that are discriminatory based on race, creed, color, gender, religion, ethnic origin, disability, or sexual orientation;
  • Interfere with or disrupt student network users, services or equipment;
  • View, copy, alter or destroy any data, software, documentation or data communications belonging to Bellevue College, or to another individual, without permission;
  • Allow another individual (authorized or not to use the Bellevue College technology resource) to use provided web space or web account passwords;
  • Post materials for commercial purposes;
  • Impinge copyrighted material without permission;
  • Conduct political campaigning or lobbying for votes;
  • Distribute pornography of any type;
  • Provide any personal information about others without their permission;
  • Send and/or receive messages that are sexist or to send messages that constitute sexual harassment;
  • Create, disseminate, or execute self-replicating or destructive programs (e.g., viruses, worms, Trojan horses) or to distribute any computer programs intended to disrupt normal computer use;
  • Subvert, attempt to subvert, or assist others to subvert, or breach, the security of any Bellevue College network or technology resource, or to facilitate unauthorized access; or
  • Participate in activities involving non-disclosure or masquerading as defined in this policy, hiding either their true identity or the true source of the web pages.

User permissions and privileges to the student network web server may be immediately withdrawn for any violation of Bellevue College IT security policies and procedures. The process provided to adjudicate the loss of these privileges is described in the “Procedures” document 5200P – Student Network Web Space Usage Procedures which supports this policy.

Student Network

Student network web accounts are established on and controlled by login and password-secured accounts managed through the Bellevue College student network. Any authorized user who is granted access to the web server will be assigned student network login accounts in compliance with Bellevue College policy #5150 – Acceptable Use of Bellevue College Networks and Systems and the Bellevue College IT security standard addressing password management. These accounts will be created and disseminated following the procedures outlined in that policy.


The College

  • Bellevue College and its representatives have responsibilities for providing the contracted equipment and services and for the logging and monitoring of the network and computing systems.

All Users

  • All authorized users are responsible for using Bellevue College computing resources in an effective, efficient, ethical and lawful manner. Such uses must be consistent with the purposes and objectives of Bellevue College. Bellevue College is not responsible for any damage which may occur from the use of the student web space or for any inappropriate usage by the student.
  • Users who post pages to Bellevue College-provided web space have a responsibility to know, understand, and meet all the expectations of this and all other Bellevue College IT security policies and standards. They also have an obligation to obey and/or comply with the directions of the director of computing services, and/or an authorized designee, with regard to their web space usage.

Web Maintainer

  • Every assigned web space will have an assigned user responsible for maintaining the site as well as for being the contact person with computing services, hereafter called the web maintainer. This is intended to provide Bellevue College and the users of the web space with good lines of communication. This web maintainer will be responsible for ensuring the site has:
    • An environment conducive to learning: Any web maintainer who uses Bellevue College-provided web space to harass, defame, or make derogatory remarks shall bear full responsibility for these actions.
    • An accurately represented environment: The web maintainer agrees not to use the provided web space to transmit, or cause to be transmitted, any message in which the origination is deliberately hidden or misleading.
    • An environment free of illegal or malicious acts: The web maintainer agrees never to use a system to perform an illegal or malicious act. Any attempt to increase the level of access which has been authorized, or any attempt to deprive other authorized users of resources or access to any Bellevue College computer system shall be regarded as malicious, and may be treated as an illegal act.
    • A secure environment: The web maintainer is responsible for proper password maintenance, including safeguarding the password. Web pages which provide loopholes in computer security systems or which can be used to damage computing resources, obtain extra resources, take resources from another user, gain unauthorized access to resources, or otherwise make use of computing resources without authorization, are not allowed and will immediately be disabled.
    • On-going site maintenance: The web maintainer is responsible for making routine content changes and updating graphics or page formatting on a regular basis.
    • A proper backup: The web maintainer is responsible for backing up their data. Computing services does not back up web storage space.
  • Web maintainers for chartered club pages will ensure that their site does not contain a Bellevue College logo, any other official stamp or mark of the college, or any college information prohibited by Bellevue College policy #6650 – College Relations and Communications.” Sites will also comply with all web page standards and site requirements as determined by web services. Web maintainers assume any civil and/or criminal liability which may arise from the individual use or misuse of Bellevue College technology resources.

Faculty Representative

  • The faculty member either advising a student club or requiring students to use Bellevue College-provided web space as part of their classroom curriculum has responsibilities as well. These include:
    • Faculty representatives have the responsibility for periodically checking the site for appropriateness, policy compliance, and to make certain the web maintainer is keeping the site appropriately updated.
    • A club’s faculty advisor must approve the site, review the site for compliance with this policy, and identify the assigned web maintainer before space for the site will be granted.
    • The faculty advisor for a club is responsible for notifying computing services when a club site needs to be removed from the student web server, in the event of a change of individual assigned as web maintainer, and/or when the privileges of a web maintainer need to be removed. A new web space usage contract will be signed for any new web maintainer.

Computing Services (CS)

  • Computing services has responsibility for all support for student network web pages. Additionally, computing services has responsibility for enforcement of this policy and all Bellevue College policies, and will coordinate with other campus units as necessary to ensure compliance with all mandates and requirements.

Web Services (WS)

  • Web services is responsible for communicating college web page standards to the college community as a whole and will be responsible for reporting any non-compliant student pages to the respective student organization’s faculty representative.

Student Programs

  • The office of student programs will be responsible for maintaining an online public listing of all chartered club websites within the student programs home page. The director of student programs, or an authorized designee, will be responsible for reviewing student sites for appropriateness and for adherence to Bellevue College web site policies, procedures and standards.

Policy Maintenance

  • Computing Services
    • The responsibility for the maintenance and administration of this policy rests with the director of computing services. CS has primary responsibility for the computer labs, electronic classrooms, and all issues related to student technology use at Bellevue College.
    • Computing services is responsible for drafting any updates and changes to the policies and procedures, with input from other information resources units, as needed. CS will also maintain an electronic copy of this policy and any related procedures and standards accessible to the public on the academic support web site.
  • Information Technology Services (ITS)
    • An additional responsibility for maintenance and administration of this policy rests with the vice president of information technology services. ITS is responsible for reviewing and approving any updates and changes to the policies and procedures. ITS may distribute the policy for campus review and will submit it for final approval by the college president. Once the policy has been approved, ITS will announce the new or revised policy to the campus providing a brief description of the policy and its implications for employees and other affected individuals or groups.
  • Human Resources (HR)
    • The vice president of human resources is responsible for reviewing any updates and changes to this policy and procedures in light of current policies, providing input on the policy and its implications for affected individuals or groups.


All terms defined in Bellevue College policy #4400 – Acceptable Use of State Resources are applicable in this policy. In addition, the following are defined:


  • Unless otherwise stated, “software” refers to and includes all freeware, shareware, and third-party products, as well as commercially acquired products.


  • This occurs when an unauthorized user gains access to information. Disclosure often occurs when messages are forwarded to unauthorized users.


  • Unauthorized access to accounts, files or data held on Bellevue College computing systems, or the use of Bellevue College computing systems and networks to access any other system without authority is a violation of these policies and potentially a criminal offense. Such unauthorized access is prohibited, and will result in immediate revocation of privileges.


  • This is when a user presents him/herself to the system as another user. This may be done in order to gain unauthorized access to information or resources, to disseminate (mis)information in another’s name, or to block or deny a system from operating correctly.

Bellevue College Network

  • This includes the administrative and student local area networks (LAN), the wide area networks (WAN) supporting sites separated from the main Bellevue College campus, internet connectivity, networked infrastructure devices such as hubs, switches and servers, CTC-Net, and all other computers, networks and electronic messaging systems operated for the benefit of Bellevue College employees and students.

Bellevue College Technology Resources

  • Includes, but is not limited to, Bellevue College-owned desktop, laptop or mainframe computer hardware or software; software licenses; workstations; data systems; personal digital assistants; electronic messaging systems; e-mail systems; pagers; telephones—both wired and cellular; SCAN services; voice mail systems; fax machines; Bellevue College network resources, whether wire-based or wireless; internet connections, accounts or access; and documentation photocopiers authorized by Bellevue College to be used by employees, students and/or other campus users.

Bellevue College Chartered Club

  • Groups of students wishing to render a service to other Bellevue College students, to accomplish objectives deemed necessary for their further education, or to facilitate a service to the community or College District VIII may organize as a chartered ASG group by following the ASG Club chartering procedures on file with the office of student programs.

Unauthorized Access

  • Includes gaining access to accounts, resources, messages or files to which one is not granted privilege by the owner or sender.

Relevant Laws and Other Resources

Revision History

Original 7/10/2003
Revision 5/21/2009; 9/13/2012; 4/28/2015

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