5200P Student Network Web Space Usage (Procedures)

Original Date: 7/10/2003 * Last Revision Effective: 5/7/2015
Policy Contact: Vice President, Information Technology Services


The following procedures are established to meet the requirements for implementing policy #5200 – Student Network Web Space Usage.


These procedures are intended to assure the continued integrity, reliability and availability of these resources. They describe the steps to be completed, and identify who is responsible for completing them.

Authorization Procedures

  • Access and privileges to the student network web space are assigned and maintained by a network system administrator.
  • Eligible individuals may become authorized users and be granted appropriate access and privileges by following the approval steps described below.
  • Users may not, under any circumstances, transfer or confer these privileges to other individuals.
  • Others will not use any account assigned to an individual without explicit permission from a network system administrator.
  • The authorized user is responsible for the proper use of the system, including any password protection.
  • The following procedures must be followed in order to obtain access to the student network for student web space:
    • The web maintainer must be a registered Bellevue College student during the quarter for which the web space is granted. Identification will be required to confirm current registered student status.
    • Each web maintainer must read and understand all applicable Bellevue College policies. These include Bellevue College policy #4400 – Acceptable Use of State Resources, policy #5150 – Acceptable Use of Bellevue College Networks and Systems, policy #5000 – Acceptable Use of Bellevue College Computers, and policy #5200 – Student Network Web Space Usage. A copy of the web space usage contract must be picked up at the computing services offices. If there are any questions, they must be directed to computing services personnel before signing the contract.
    • The web maintainer must read, understand and understand the student network web space usage contract.
    • The signed contract must be returned to the computing services offices. The user must leave information about how to be contacted once approval is given, i.e., an e-mail address and/or phone number.
    • Once approval is granted, a network system administrator will inform the web maintainer via e-mail of the domain name and login information.
    • Web sites will be limited to 10 MB of space per site. Exceptions for cause can be granted upon request to the director of computing services, or an authorized designee.


  • Management
    • Web maintainer accounts will not have sufficient privileges to access the administrative networking domain or administrative computers. Security measures on the student network will ensure this separation is maintained.
    • The specific procedure for creation of web maintainer accounts will be at the discretion of network system administrators, with the approval of the director of computing services, following the general expectations and processes used for student accounts as described in Bellevue College policy #5300 – Computer Labs.
  • Expiration
    • Accounts are established for the quarter requested and expire as described in the “duration” section below. All accounts must be renewed each academic year following the same procedures as used for the initial creation unless an exception has been granted by the director of computing services or an authorized designee.

Chartered Clubs

Clubs chartered by the associated student government of Bellevue College (ASG) utilizing web space provided by Bellevue College have additional rights and responsibilities regarding student network web server space:

  • Clubs and/or programs wishing to create a website hosted on the student server must follow the same procedures (outlined above) required of individual student websites. In addition, the club’s faculty representative must approve the site, review the site for compliance with this policy, and identify the assigned web maintainer before the space for the site will be granted.
  • Only clubs chartered and recognized by the ASG will be approved to use Bellevue College-provided student network web space.
  • Clubs have the opportunity to request a link and a description of their club site on the main student programs club page, as well as access to a club e-mail account.
  • Clubs can submit, at the beginning of each quarter, any editing or updating of their club descriptions to the student programs office.
  • Club and/or programs which are featured on the student programs website, must have a return link to the student programs site, or create a separate window for their page, which allows the user the option of returning to the student programs window.
  • At the end of each quarter, all program/ club websites that are linked to the student programs site will be reviewed for adherence to Bellevue College website policies and procedures by the director of student programs, or an authorized designee.
  • Before advertising or posting a link to a student organization site from the Bellevue College student programs site, all pages will be reviewed for appropriateness and for adherence to Bellevue College website policies, procedures and standards, and approved for posting by the director of student programs or an authorized designee.


  • Once authorization for a website is granted—unless disabled for security or disciplinary reasons—the site will be maintained on the student network servers until the end of summer quarter of the academic year for which it is approved.
  • During the break between summer quarter and the next fall quarter, all sites, accounts and authorizations will be shut down for maintenance.
    • Web maintainers are responsible for ensuring they have backed up anything they wish to save by the end of the last day of summer quarter.
    • All individual sites will be purged. A new request must be made and approved for any individual student site needed for the subsequent fall quarter.
    • The director of student programs, or an authorized designee, will notify computing services of each student organization site that is continuing and of the new web maintainer contact information for the site for the next academic year.
      • Sites approved for continuation into the next academic year will be off-line for a few days while this maintenance is performed.
      • Continuing student organization sites will maintain the same URL.
      • Student organization sites not approved by the director of student programs for continuation will be purged.

Logging and Monitoring

  • All individuals using the computer and network systems provided by Bellevue College are subject to having activities monitored and recorded. In the course of monitoring individuals who are improperly using this system, or in the course of system maintenance, the activities of authorized users will also be monitored.
  • Use of the systems will be considered express consent by the individual to such monitoring. If such monitoring reveals possible evidence of inappropriate activity, system personnel may provide the evidence to Bellevue College management and law enforcement officials.
  • Student websites are provided through resources connected to the Bellevue College student network. Any system administrator for Bellevue College networks, or any other individual authorized by the Bellevue College IT security administrator and/or vice president of information technology services, is allowed to inspect, copy, remove, or otherwise alter any data, file, or system resource which may undermine the authorized use of the academic or administrative networks, and may exercise any other rights necessary to protect Bellevue College computing facilities. This includes actively scanning the Bellevue College network, all Bellevue College-owned computers, websites and any electronic messages associated with the site to ensure compliance with this policy.


  • Bellevue College reserves the right to act immediately when a user misuses or abuses any Bellevue College technology resource. A complaint, either from inside or outside Bellevue College, arising from a user’s activities using Bellevue College-provided web space, or an internal discovery of a possible violation of this policy, is cause for immediate suspension of computing privileges, pending an investigation.
    • Every attempt will be made to notify the individual immediately of this suspension. These privileges may be temporarily restored at the discretion of the director of computing services, pending resolution of the situation.
    • A Bellevue College system administrator, or an authorized designee, may gather specific materials with or without notification to the user during an investigation of a suspected illegal act, misuse of the system, or violation of Bellevue College policy. Materials so accessed may either be copied or removed from Bellevue College systems.
    • Copies of all materials related to the investigation will be retained by the system administrator, and may be given to law enforcement, if applicable.
    • Such suspected violations will be confidentially reported to the appropriate Bellevue College administrator(s).
    • If the user is cleared of any wrong-doing at the conclusion of the investigation, network privileges will be restored. In situations where a violation is confirmed, appropriate disciplinary action will be initiated as described in “sanctions,” below.
  • Bellevue College accepts no liability for interference with, or loss of, any files, programs or data belonging to any user resulting from efforts to maintain the privacy and security of its computing resources. Requests for third party access to electronic messages or material stored on the student network computers or servers will be handled through the college’s public record procedure. Bellevue College may be required to provide third parties with access to these materials in order to honor valid legal discovery and public records requests. To the extent deemed feasible, college administrators will provide both the sender and the recipient notice of such requests prior to disclosure.


Violation of any of the provisions of this, or any Bellevue College IT policy, standard or procedure will be dealt with immediately in the same manner as any violations of Bellevue College policies, and may result in disciplinary review. In such a review, the full range of disciplinary sanctions is available, including:

  • Permanent loss of computer use privileges;
  • Denial of future access to Bellevue College IT resources;
  • Disciplinary action – any disciplinary action will be taken in accordance with appropriate procedures as established by the vice president of human resources (for employees) or the associate dean of student success (for students);
  • Dismissal from the college; and/or
  • Legal action.

Those users who misuse or abuse any computing or network resource may have their login accounts closed and access to the systems immediately terminated. Some violations may also constitute a state, local or federal criminal offense.

Relevant Laws and Other Resources

Revision History

Original 07/10/2003
Revision 5/21/2009; 9/13/2012; 5/7/2015

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