6130 After Hours Building Use

Original Date: 10/21/2008 * Last Revision Effective: 5/13/2015
Policy Contact: Vice President Administrative Services


As a public agency whose responsibility is to serve the educational needs of students and potential students, it is the policy of Bellevue College to ensure that college services are available and buildings are open to the public during published hours of business (see policy 6100). The college’s public safety department is responsible for the security of the buildings and grounds of the campus.

A building may be opened after hours to accommodate events arranged through Bellevue College events department. These include special approved college functions and prior arranged rentals as per the signed rental agreement.

An after-hours building use permit form may be approved for individuals, groups or clubs needing use of Bellevue College facilities when an official rental agreement is not prepared. All after hours building use permit forms must be completed and submitted to Bellevue College public safety director or designee for approval in advance of building use.


Bellevue College Public Safety Director

  • Exceptions to after-hours building usage must be approved by the Bellevue College public safety director under the guidance of the Bellevue College risk management committee and Bellevue College president’s staff and in accordance with strict building use permit procedure. There may be additional requirements imposed by either the risk management committee or president’s staff.


College Official

  • A college official in most cases will be a public safety officer but may be an employee from campus operations or other college administrators

Relevant Laws and Other Resources

Bellevue College Procedure #6130P After Hours Building Use

Revision History

Original 10/21/2008
Revisions 5/21/2009; 9/17/2012; 5/13/2015

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