6720P Bookstore (Procedures)

Original Date: 9/1/1997 * Last Revision Effective: 10/19/2015
Policy Contact: Vice President, Administrative Services


The following procedures are established to meet the requirements for implementing policy #6720 – Bookstore.


Textbook Orders

Textbook orders are due at least two months before the beginning of the quarter during which the text will be used. Instructors are expected to keep up to date concerning new editions of the textbooks used in their classes, and are responsible for specifying which edition of the text will be required. It is the bookstore’s responsibility to publicly disclose how new editions vary from previous editions.

Policy on Changes to Textbook Orders

  • If a division changes a textbook order after the bookstore has submitted Bellevue College’s orders to the publishers, any resulting freight costs, in and out, will be charged to the division.
  • Changes will be permitted after orders have been processed only in the case of a change in instructor and only up until one week before the first day of the quarter.
  • Errors made by the bookstore will be corrected by the bookstore, at bookstore expense, on a “rush” basis. Errors made by a department outside the bookstore will be charged accordingly.
  • Any student returning a textbook which is un-saleable because of a division change will be refunded with the refund charged to the division. The student will be referred to the division chair for approval before receiving the refund.

Special Orders

Outside of the first week of each quarter, special orders are available for faculty, staff, and students. The bookstore can special-order textbooks, general books, and computer software.

Textbook Stocks

If a textbook is used during one quarter but not reordered for the following quarter, unsold copies are returned to the publisher.

Instructor-created Materials

Instructors preparing their own instructional materials or modules to be sold through the Bellevue College bookstore are responsible for defective and unsold merchandise. At the end of each quarter the bookstore will bill the instructor at net 30. When the same module is ordered for the following quarter, the bookstore will keep in stock only the quantity required for the following quarter.

Instructors’ Modules: “Fair Use” and Copyright

It is the instructor’s responsibility to determine the copyright status of any materials included in an instructional module compiled for sale in the Bellevue College bookstore, and to obtain written permission from the publisher or copyright holder to reproduce the material if it does not fall within “fair use” according to current copyright law. Written permission from the publisher is also required before making copies of out-of-print material. Instructors compiling modules for sale in the bookstore must submit a form stating that they understand the policies and regulations governing use of copyrighted material.

Returned Merchandise and Refunds

  • Anyone returning an item for refund must present a sales receipt dated for the current academic quarter.
  • Textbook refunds:
    • Full refunds are given during the first two weeks from the opening day of each academic quarter, with the exception of summer quarter (refunds during first week only). No refunds will be given after this period.
    • All merchandise returned must be in new condition, clean, unmarked, and undamaged, and in its original packaging. The bookstore management reserves the right to judge the condition of any returned items.
  • Defective new books will be replaced immediately. Used books are not guaranteed for replacement.
  • Store merchandise other than books or instructional materials must be returned within thirty (30) days after purchase unless otherwise specified in the bookstore.
  • Purchases made by check will be refunded by check, sent through the U.S. mail only, within ten (10) working days. Purchases made by credit card will be refunded by crediting the card account.
  • Copies of the Bellevue College bookstore refund policies will be posted prominently and distributed to customers.
  • Customers may challenge a refund decision by filing an appeal. Forms are available from the bookstore manager. The vice president of administrative services makes the final determination on refund appeals after consultation with the bookstore manager.


  • Bellevue College Bookstore Buy-Back. Bellevue College offers its book buy-back for five (5) days during the final examination period. Bellevue College will buy back a textbook at 50% of the original sale price under the following conditions:
    • the textbook must be ordered by an instructor for use during the following quarter;
    • the book must be in good, re-saleable condition;
    • the bookstore is not already overstocked with that textbook title.
  • Wholesaler’s Buy-Back. Students may sell used textbooks to a wholesale textbook buy-back agency during specific days each academic year. Receipts of purchase are not required during buy-back. The wholesaler reserves the right to set its own prices and acceptance criteria, usually based on nationwide demand for the textbook title.

Textbook Discount for Student Employees

Student employees in the bookstore may buy their textbooks at a discounted rate. The percentage of the discount depends on how long they have worked in the bookstore. After one quarter of work, the student employee receives a 10% discount; after one year of work, he/she receives a 20% discount.

Faculty/Staff Discount

All Bellevue College faculty, administrators, and staff are eligible for a 10% discount on most items available in the Bellevue College bookstore (exceptions are: textbooks, computers, special orders, and sale items). Employees must show a staff identification card to receive the discount.

Revision History

Original 9/1/1997
Revisions 5/10/2005; 8/15/2006; 5/21/2009; 9/24/2012; 10/19/2015

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President’s Cabinet

Last Updated October 19, 2015