7200 Students’ Financial Obligations

Original Date: 10/11/1992 * Last Revision Effective: 10/19/2015
Policy Contact: Vice President, Student Affairs


The college expects that students who receive services for which a financial obligation is incurred will exercise responsibility in meeting these obligations. Appropriate college staff are empowered to act in accordance with regularly adopted procedures to carry out the intent of this policy, and if necessary to initiate legal action to ensure that collection matters are brought to a timely and satisfactory conclusion.

Admission to or registration with the college, conferring of degrees, and issuance of academic transcripts may be withheld for failure to meet financial obligations to the college.

Relevant Laws and Other Resources

Revision History

Original 10/11/1992
Revisions 3/22/2005; 5/21/2009; 10/19/2015

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Board of Trustees
President’s Cabinet

Last Updated October 19, 2015