7200 Student Financial Debts

Original Date: 10/11/1992 * Last Revision Effective: 1/18/2023
Policy Contact: Vice President, Student Affairs


Bellevue College Policy 7200 has been adopted as Chapter 132H-122 of the Washington Administrative Code.

WAC 132H-122-010 Statement of policy

  1. Bellevue College expects students who owe a debt for services, tuition and fees, housing, financial aid, fines, and other fees to pay the amount they owe, or set up a payment plan, and to contact the college for additional information, if needed.
  2. Students have the right to ask for details related to the debt, and to appeal a debt.
  3. The finance office is responsible for the implementation of this code.

WAC 132H-122-020 Student financial debt procedures

  1. The college may take the following actions for non-payment of outstanding student debt:
    1. Place a hold, also called a negative service indicator, on a student’s account if they owe a debt for housing, financial aid, tuition, or other college fees. A negative service indicator prevents enrollment for future quarters.
    2. Drop students for non-payment of any debt at any time.
    3. Refer past due debts that exceed $100 to a collection agency. Prior to referral, students will receive notice via their Bellevue College email. The notice will include at a minimum the following information:
      1. The amount of the debt owed;
      2. The nature of the debt;
      3. Information on how to pay the debt;
      4. Contact information for the finance office and/or staff member who can provide more information, and/or set up a payment plan;
      5. The deadline for payment of the debt; and
      6. Any consequences that may result from non-payment of the debt.
  2. Reporting requirements: The college follows the state reporting rules related to the use of negative service indicators, debt levels, and collection practices.

WAC 132H-122-030 Debt dispute and appeal

Students who believe that exigent circumstances exist, or an error occurred that may require reduction or removal of a debt, may submit an online appeal form, available on the Enrollment Services website, for review of the debt.


Relevant Laws and Other Resources

  • Second Substitute House Bill (SSHB) 2513
  • SBCTC Guidance for SSHB 2513
  • WAC 132-H-122
  • RCW 19.16 500

Revision History

Original 10/11/1992
Revisions 3/22/2005; 5/21/2009; 10/19/2015; 1/18/2023

Approved By

Board of Trustees

Last Updated March 7, 2023