Washington Administrative Code (WAC) Rules Process

WAC CitationSubjectPre-proposal (CR-101)Proposed (CR-102) or Expedited (CR-105)Permanent (CR-103)Contact
WAC 132H-125Student Conduct CodeCR 101 filed 04/25/2018CR-102 filed 07/17/2018CR-103 filed 12/18/2018Megan Kaptik 425-564-2757
WAC 132H-169Public RecordsCR 101 filed 06/14/2018CR-102 filed 08/06/2018Kathi Hutchins 425-564-2451

Agency Rules Coordinator

Tracy Biga MacLean, Associate Director, Effectiveness and Strategic Planning


(425) 564-2035

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Last Updated June 12, 2019