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Tilde Pica Pica

Preparing for Work Program Assistant

Amanda Johnson Picture


Amanda Johnson has been teaching at Bellevue College for more than 15  years. She created and has developed Preparing for Work, and On the Job Communications, teaching ESL students how to find employment in the U.S. and how to communicate effectively in the workplace.  Students quickly feel comfortable in her classes, as she helps them to ...more about Amanda Johnson

Heather Miller Picture


Heather Miller has been teaching at Bellevue College since 2005. In addition to teaching multiple levels of ESL, she has been teaching workplace ESL for eight years. Students in her Working in English class leave the class having stronger communication skills and more success in their current jobs, as well as more confidence about succeeding ...more about Heather Miller

Jean Pauley Picture


Jean Pauley is a full-time instructor who has worked at Bellevue College for more than 15 years. She teaches students in the ESL program and for students taking Development Education classes. Jean is a popular instructor with her students, as she helps them to improve their English in all four skill areas: reading and writing, ...more about Jean Pauley

Jayashree Pulacode Picture


Jayashree Pulacode has been teaching multi-level ESL and workplace literacy to students at Bellevue College for the last five years. In her Working in English class, Students learn about American work culture, clear and effective communication and gain practical knowledge about filling out work related forms, emails etc. “I am actively involved in trying to ...more about Jayashree Pulacode