Information on the Department


DO I HAVE TO ATTEND ALL CLASSES? Yes. We want students to learn and progress. Classes meet for 4 hours per week (link to flyer). In order to learn and progress, students should complete 44 hours/1 quarter of instruction. If you cannot attend a class, you should communicate with the instructor and ask for an …more about Attendance

Class Book

  DO I NEED TO BUY A CLASS BOOK? Yes.  There is a class book for each class.  Books can be purchased at the Bellevue College bookstore, and in some cases at online bookstores.  Read more about the required books in Class information. On the Job Communications, Preparing for Work or Working in English  

Class Information

  WHAT WILL I LEARN IN THESE CLASSES?   Students will learn about finding a job in the U.S. and communicating at work. Each class is different.  ON THE JOB COMMUNICATIONS, a level 6 class for advanced ESL students who want to learn about communicating effectively at work. Students learn to write business e-mails and letters, …more about Class Information

English Level

  1.WHAT LEVEL OF ENGLISH WILL I NEED? ESL level 6 (Advanced) – On the Job Communications ESL level 5/6 (High intermediate to Advanced) – Preparing for Work ESL level  4/5 (Intermediate to high intermediate) – Working in English 2. MY ENGLISH IS HIGHER THAN LEVEL 6.  CAN I STILL TAKE THE CLASS? Yes, it is possible that you could take Preparing for …more about English Level


WHERE CAN I PARK MY CAR? There are parking lots for students on the campus. You can view them on detailed map of Main Campus here. DO I HAVE TO PAY FOR PARKING? Bellevue College requires parking permits for students at certain times and days. For more information about current parking policy and public safety, …more about Parking


  Do I have to be a Bellevue resident to register for a class? Students should live in Bellevue as this class is sponsored by the City of Bellevue. Non-residents are eligible to register for this class, although priority is given to Bellevue residents. Check with the instructor on the first day of class. How …more about Registration


  When does the class begin? Classes begin every quarter in January, April, June and September. What time is the class? Classes meet on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. See the Flyer for current information. How long does the class meet for? Classes meet for a total of 3 hours per week for 7 weeks (1 …more about Schedule