Student Comments

Amanda Johnson with two students

What are students saying about Preparing for Work?

PALLAVI: this is the best class I ever took!  I learned so much and made great friends.  I want it to last forever.  I know I need to focus on the job I really want.

DORIS: this class helped me to speak more clearly and helped me to find volunteer work in a school in Bellevue.  I have the orientation next week.  This will help with my goal to find a job in social work.

OVIDIU:  the interview practice made me see that I need to focus my answers to questions.  I also perfected my resume and cover letter, made it more professional and business-like.  My goal is to find a job as an Architect.

WING:  I had two interviews and this class helped me to prepare better for them.  I work now, but I want to find a better job and keep improving.  I made two resumes that are really great.

ANNA: when I came here, I would not speak.  I thought everyone was better than me, but now, I am happy to talk and I feel more confident.  I found an intern position in a legal office and will work there to gain experience of the culture, law and Language.

ADRIANA:  this has been so good for me.  I have interviewed at Microsoft and Ford.  I met a great volunteer interviewer who gave me good advice.  I also have helped to market the class and do some administration work for the program.  I really am anxious to find a job in Data Management.  The teacher is helping me to network with many people.

JIN: this class was great.  I got confident and learned how to network. I found a job through my husband!  I never thought to ask him before, but now I work in Purchasing at his company.  The interview practice was great.  I want to keep learning and improving.

SEONJU: this class gave me the idea to volunteer in a middle school, teaching math.  I was a teacher before and I feel confident to begin volunteering.

Last Updated June 5, 2020