PLEASE NOTE:  Spring Quarter- Online Instruction

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Hima Rami


Hima Rami has been working in the Preparing for Work program since 2012. She teaches multi-level ESL classes and Working in English. Her personal goal is to engage students and enable them to realize their potential to work in the U.S. Her students in Working in English class practice real-life scenarios including improving communication, requesting a change in schedule, calling in sick and asking for clarification. They also learn how to complete workplace forms and interpret them. Prior students often comment on how they have greatly benefited from working with people from different cultures, languages and work experiences. By the end of the class, they are better prepared having deepened their understanding of the workplace environment.

Hima is originally from the United Kingdom where she worked as a Human Resources Consultant. She started teaching adult learners in college and loved the experience so much she changed her career path. Her passion outside of work is maintaining a healthy lifestyle and enjoying family time with her husband and two teenagers. Her favorite leisure activities include Zumba, Pilates and Yoga.