Student Comments

  • I like the class when we all tried to resolve some issues between customer and customer service rep since this is very common situation.
  •  I like all the dialogues that we had in the class.  They help us learn what is okay to say.
  • I liked role-play activities with employer and employee.
  • The handouts and video are most helpful to me to learn and practice.
  •  Before I never understood what a 401K is.  Now I understand much better.  I will look at the 401K papers I get in the mail.


  •  I liked what I learned about how to express myself in working with my bosses.
  •  I like the dealing with mistakes disagreeing, making suggestions lessons because it is very important to be correct and honest in your job.
  •  I feel prepared when I get a job.  I understand more about what to say and how to say it.
  •  Before I don’t know about paycheck and pay stub.  Now I understand and know clearly about it very much.
  • I realized the importance of different topics, especially “Small Talk”, and conversation activities that were a part of this class.
  •  I learned a lot about American Culture and work ethics, and how it is impacting their lives now.
  •  I have never been to school in my life. I attended this class, and gained a lot of self-confidence. I can now read the bus numbers and take the bus to school. I even did a Power Point Presentation on the last day of class.

Last Updated March 18, 2019