An affirmation of support for our LGBTQ community

8/2/2017 | Last Friday, the Department of Justice filed a brief arguing that the Civil Rights Act does not protect members of the LGBTQ community from employment discrimination. This is deeply troubling. As I begin my work as president, I would like to firmly assert Bellevue College’s continued support of our LGBTQ community.

While the stance of the federal government may waiver, BC’s direction and values are constant. We understand that bigotry in any form undermines the civil rights of all of us, and it erodes trust in our society and institutions.

If you or someone you know needs emotional support, our Counseling Center can be reached at (425-564-5747). Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer (LGBTQ) students can also find support at the college’s LGBTQ Resource Center (425-564-5213). Other resources include the College’s Title IX Office (425-564-2704) and the Trans Lifeline.

This college community shares the common goal of making our campus a welcoming and safe place for all, and I am personally committed to that goal. Respecting and supporting diversity and inclusion strengthens all of us and improves the campus experience and culture for all students.

Last Updated August 14, 2017