IT Student Success Stories

Pic of Angie Cook
Angie Cook

September 11th, 2001 was my wake up call. I had a good job at a good company working as a Business Analyst Manager and I’d been there nearly 25 years. But it wasn’t what I wanted to do. I had wanted to go into programming, specifically programming applications for the web for some time but wasn’t really motivated enough to take the plunge. Starting Winter quarter 2001 my whole life changed.

I chose BC’s C++ Program after reviewing all of the local programs available. No school really had everything I was looking for, but BC had most of the pieces. My experience in the program was great, the instructors cared about my success and gave me a good foundation that I have built on. They provided me with all of the pieces that allowed me to succeed. One of the great benefits was having access to the software needed for classes so I could work from my home computer. This not only allowed me to complete my class assignments without having to go to the college but also to further expand my knowledge once classes were over.

In addition to the faculty, my fellow students in the program were a great asset. The breadth of their experience, backgrounds and skills were a great asset to my learning experience. I made several lasting friendships that were not only a great support group during my time in school, but were also were my ticket to finding opportunities in the IT community after graduation.

Since I completed my programming degree the facility at BC have retooled one of their program tracks to more closely mirror the skills needed in the quickly evolving world of the Internet. I’m happy to report that the program I was looking for in late 2001 is now available.

The IT program at BC gave me the up-to-date, cutting edge, real programming and database skills that helped me to realize the exact job I was hoping for when I started this amazing journey five years ago. I’m now the Director of IT at a small local Internet company building applications for the web.

Pic of Bruce McCoy
Bruce McCoy

I heard about the BC programming department from friends who had taken courses or gotten degrees there and all were very happy. So when I was laid off my job as an outside salesmen, I decided to change careers and learn programming at BC. I took 2 years of classes to receive an AA in programming. The classes are taught by instructors that really love what they are doing, and are passionate about teaching to all students, from the people changing careers that need lots of hand holding to more advanced students that just need a point in the right direction. The skills taught were so in line with the demand that I had over 3 job offers to decide between in the first week of sending out my resume. Currently I am working as an Applications Developer for Excell Data in Bellevue, WA, developing a mission critical application. In the 18 months since I have graduated I have worked on teams developing and planning applications for companies like Microsoft, Coinstar, Starbucks, and Washington Mutual. I cannot recommend this course enough for anyone looking to learn real life relevant skills to have a professional career developing software.