Frequently Asked Questions

Entry Codes – check first to see if the class has prerequisites

  1. Why does one need an entry code to get into a class?
    The registration system does not recognize that you have met the required prerequisites for the class, especially if the prerequisite was taken at another accredited university or college.
  2. Why do I need an entry code for PROG 110?
    PROG 110 counts as a quantitative skill for students transferring to four-year colleges/universities in Washington. For this reason, there is a firm prerequisite of eligibility for Math 141 or completion of Math 099 in order to be eligible to take PROG 110. Even more important are the concepts, understanding of formulas and variables, and development of problem-solving skills that come with math study. These are the same qualities that are important in programming and we have found that students who have completed the math prerequisite successfully complete PROG 110.NOTE: Prior programming experience is not sufficient to waive the prerequisites.
  3. How can I prove that I meet the prerequisites?
    Review the prerequisites (both Math and English) listed for the class. There are three ways you can meet them:

    1. Take the required courses at BC, then you won’t need an entry code.
    2. Take the assessment tests at BC Testing Services (Room B142 – scoring at a sufficient level will mean you won’t need an entry code).
    3. Have a faculty program Advisor evaluate the courses you’ve taken at an accredited college/university. An informal transcript is sufficient for this evaluation. If the required courses are on your transcript, the advisor may provide an entry code that will allow you to register for your class.
  4. How can I check if a class from another college qualifies?
    Check out courses from various colleges at this link: Transfer Course Equivalencies. Otherwise, make an appointment with an appropriate faculty advisor to review your transcript – Faculty.

Transfer Courses

  1. Make an appointment with an appropriate faculty advisor to review your unofficial transcript from an accredited college/university – Faculty.
  2. If courses from another accredited college are used as substitutions, as of Fall 2009, all course substitutions approved by the Program Chair requires the Dean’s approval. You are then required to submit an Exception petition for the degree or certificate. Here is the link for additional information and procedures; and you can download the petition form — Exception Petition. It is best to do this early and not wait until Graduation.
  3. Which courses can I transfer?
    If you have taken an equivalent English 101 course or a college level math course at an accredited college, go to the Online Prerequisite Check  process to verify your previously completed coursework and request clearance for enforced prerequisites.

Last Updated December 21, 2017