Bachelor of Applied Science Degree Healthcare Informatics

Program Updated: The requirements for this program have been updated for 2017 – 2018.
Please review the changes and consult with your adviser or program manager if you have questions.

The Bachelor of Applied Science in Healthcare Informatics prepares individually with IT and/or healthcare preparation and experience to successfully compete for jobs in the rapidly growing field of healthcare informatics, which focuses optimizing use of technology to manage knowledge in order to improve quality of care.

The degree program is designed for individuals with IT and/or healthcare preparation and experience. The first 90 credits of the degree are fulfilled by entrance prerequisites. The second half of the degree program offers a professionally relevant curriculum that helps students achieve their goals.

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Learning Outcomes

Degree recipients should possess the skills and abilities described below:

  • Manage, analyze and present healthcare data for effective decision-making in support of a wide array of healthcare practices such as regulatory requirements, patient safety studies, and clinical decision support
  • Serve as liaison between technical and clinical functions to support users, including systems analysis, data analytics, training and documenting use of new technologies in a variety of healthcare settings
  • Demonstrate a commitment to continued competency through lifelong learning
  • Demonstrate an understanding of leadership, ethical and economic issues as they pertain to healthcare informatics
  • Gather, identify and document requirements for healthcare informatics solutions while working closely with patients, consumers, clinicians, and administrators
  • Ensure that requirements for healthcare data privacy and security are met
  • Complete a capstone or field studies project that demonstrates the breadth and depth of educational preparation

Program Requirements

Completion Worksheet

Download the completion worksheet for this concentration [pdf]



Prerequisite Requirements

Course # Course Name Credit Hrs.
Associate degree in IT-related or healthcare-related field, or equivalent credits 45
A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 for all coursework including the following courses:
Writing: English Composition and Technical or Research Writing 10
College Level Math: Statistics 5
Natural Science: Must include one lab course and at least one life sciences course 10
Data Management: BTS 168 or equivalent and BUSIT 103 or equivalent 10
Social Science: Course from AAS-DTA transfer list 5
Humanities: Course from AAS-DTA transfer list 5
Either Humanities or Social Science course must be a communication course

Core Course – All Students

Course # Course Name Credit Hrs.
HCI 293 HCI New Student Orientation 4
HCI 301 U.S. Healthcare Policy and Delivery Systems 5
HCI 302 Healthcare Safety & Quality Management 5
HCI 310 Essentials of Healthcare Informatics 5
HCI 315 Electronic Health Records 5
HCI 320 HCI Data Standards & Interoperability 5
HCI 350 Usability and User Centered Design 5
HCI 360 Healthcare Information Seeking and Evaluation 3
HCI 375 Healthcare Informatics Project Management 5
HCI 380 Healthcare Code Sets and Clinical Terminologies 5
HCI 410 Healthcare Clinical Systems Analysis 5
HCI 435 Healthcare Information Systems Operation 5
HCI 450 Healthcare Analytics and Quality 5
HCI 460 Leading Change in Healthcare Informatics 5
HCI 465 HCI Field Studies/Capstone Orientation 2
PHIL 365 Biomedical Ethics: Theory & Practice 5
Choose one option from the following: 4-5
HCI 475 Healthcare Informatics Field Studies (4 Cr)
HCI 485 Healthcare Informatics Capstone (5 Cr)
Choose 15 credits from the following: 15
HCI 330 Healthcare Informatics Teaching and Training (5 Cr)
HCI 385 Consumer Health Informatics (5 Cr)
HCI 398 Healthcare Informatics Professional Portfolio (1-5 Cr)
HCI 399 Healthcare Informatics Independent Study (1-5 Cr)
HCI 405 Health and Information Literacy (5 Cr)
HCI 456 Healthcare Data Visualization (5 Cr)
HCI 470 Healthcare Data Analytics Application (5 Cr)
HCI 494/5/6/7 HCI Special Topics (1-5 Cr)

Healthcare Informatics Concentration Total Credits: 93-94

Grand Total: 183-184

Degree Requirements

A complete description of the required curriculum is shown in the worksheet. In addition to eligibility requirements, students must also achieve the following:

  • Completion of core courses in the general program and concentration requirements with a grade of “C”, or better
  • A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 for all coursework taken at BC and the courses applied to the degree, including credits transferred from other colleges
  • At least 45 quarter credits for the degree must be completed in residence at BC, of which 30 credits must be upper division

Program Eligibility

Individuals must complete:

  • An associate’s degree in an information technology related – or healthcare related – field, or equivalent credits, to be eligible for the BAS degree
  • In addition, applicants must have completed the following courses or their equivalents with a grade of 2.0 or higher from a regionally accredited college:
    • English Composition I
    • Technical or Research Writing
    • College-Level Math: Statistics
    • Natural Science: two courses must include at least one lab course and at least one life sciences course
    • BTS 168 and BUSIT 103, or equivalents
    • Humanities course from AAS-DTA transfer list
    • Social Science course from AAS-DTA transfer list
    • Either Humanities or Social Science must be a communication course (please verify with an adviser)

Application Process

To be considered for the Bachelor of Applied Science in Healthcare Informatics, prospective students must submit the following:

  • Completed general Bellevue College admission form
  • Nonrefundable admissions and placement fee of $55
  • Completed Bachelor of Applied Science application form
  • Non-refundable application fee of $90
  • Official transcripts from regionally accredited college(s), demonstrating completion of an appropriate associate’s degree or equivalent credits, and the prerequisite courses, with a GPA of 2.0 or higher
  • Personal statement

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Last Updated February 5, 2018