Alcohol & Drug Counseling

Certification as a Chemical Dependency Professional (CDP) requires an associate degree in human services/related field or 90 college credits with a minimum of 45 credits related to the chemical dependency profession specific to working with alcoholic and drug addicted individuals. Depending on an individual’s level of education, they are required to complete between 1000-2500 hours of trainee work experience. Individuals are required to pass an exam prior to certification as a CDP.

The Alcohol/Drug Counseling certificate of achievement fulfills the 45 CDP-specific credit requirements. Students with little or no college experience have a variety of options available for completing additional college credits to meet CDP certification requirements. Assistance with agency placement for work experience hours is also available. For more information, contact the program director and advisor at (425) 564-2012.


Certificate of Achievement
Alcohol & Drug Counseling

Program Updated: The requirements for this program have been updated for 2017 – 2018.
Please review the changes and consult with your adviser or program manager if you have questions.

Brief Description

The certificate in Alcohol & Drug Counseling provides the knowledge, skills and training required for counseling in the field of chemical dependency treatment. The program is designed for students completing state-defined requirements for licensure or certification as a chemical dependency professional (CDP), probation assessment officer (PAO), alcohol/drug information (ADIS) instructor and substance abuse prevention specialist (SAPS).

Learning Outcomes

Certificate recipients should possess the skills & abilities described below:

  • Distinguish the four basic theoretical perspectives on the cause of chemical dependency and the specific theoretical understanding of chemical dependency outlined in the Revised Code of Washington
  • Implement the core elements of assessment and diagnosis of chemical dependency
  • Create and implement individualized treatment plans designed to assist alcoholic and drug addicted individuals to achieve and maintain abstinence from mood-altering substances
  • Engage in the case management of alcoholic and drug addicted individuals referred to chemical dependency treatment by employers, families and the legal system
  • Demonstrate understanding of various theoretical principles of one to one, group, relapse prevention and continuing care counseling
  • Competently use the skills needed to effectively counsel alcoholic and drug addicted individuals in one to one, group, relapse prevention and continuing care counseling sessions
  • Competently maintain the medical records of alcoholic and drug addicted individuals
  • Demonstrate understanding of Federal and State laws related to the field of chemical dependency counseling including but not limited to confidentiality, mandatory reporting and the Uniform Disciplinary Act

Completion Worksheet

Download the completion worksheet for this degree [PDF]

Program Requirements

Core Coursework

Course # Course Name Credit Hrs.
ALDAC 100 Professional Development in Addiction Counseling 1
ALDAC 102 Chemical Dependency Pharmacology of Alcohol & Other Drugs 3
ALDAC 105 Chemical Dependency Client & Family Education 3
ALDAC 106 Chemical Dependency Individual Counseling 3
ALDAC 108 Chemical Dependency Case Management 3
ALDAC 125 Chemical Dependency Assessment & Diagnosis 2
ALDAC 150 Chemical Dependency Relapse Prevention 3
ALDAC 160 Chemical Dependency Culturally Competent Counseling 2
ALDAC 204 Chemical Dependency Adolescent Assessment & Treatment 2
ALDAC 206 Chemical Dependency Group Counseling 3
ALDAC 207 Chemical Dependency HIV AIDS Brief Risk Intervention 1
ALDAC 220 Chemical Dependency Clinical Practicum 3
ALDAC 225 Chemical Dependency Ethics & Laws 3
ALDAC 230 Chemical Dependency Family & Couples Counseling 3
ALDAC 235 Chemical Dependency Human Development 4
ALDAC 240 Chemical Dependency Psychopathology 4
HSSA& 101 Introduction to Addictive Drugs 3
Choose any one or more from the following: 4
ALDAC 194/5/6/7 Special Topics in ALDAC (1-6 Cr)
ALDAC 198 Seminar in ALDAC (1-3 Cr)
ALDAC 199 Individual Studies in ALDAC (1-6 Cr)
ALDAC 294/5/6/7 Special Topics in ALDAC (1-6 Cr)
ALDAC 298 Seminar in ALDAC (1-3 Cr)
ALDAC 299 Individual Studies in ALDAC (1-6 Cr)

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Last Updated August 8, 2017