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Our award-winning writer will meet with you, listen to you, review any materials you bring, and discuss your target audience and goals. She will also give you honest, expert advice and recommend how to best achieve your objectives. Plus, you’ll get quick, friendly customer service.

Creativity and Experience

Our writer brings creativity and extensive experience in persuasive writing and marketing to help you develop a publication that connects with your audience and motivates them to action.  She has experience in corporate writing with a formal, serious tone to upbeat, comedic advertising copy, and the story-telling techniques of non-profit direct mail appeals to the friendly, conversational approach, mandatory for Web content and best for most campus publications.

Value-added Research

A background in market and media research adds an awareness of best practices and solutions to marketing problems and a wealth of knowledge about research sources to help add supportive facts and statistics to your project.

Services Offered Include:


Corrects spelling, punctuation, grammar; checks for consistency; applies basic stylistic and format rules.

Substantive Editing

Includes copyediting plus revising, reorganizing, etc., for clarity, readability, logic, precision, cohesion, and appropriate tone and style for the specified audience.


Creates a document from “scratch,” usually based on drafts, outlines, department websites or other source materials you provide. Internet research for statistics, such as occupational projections, may also be provided.


Checks that all requested changes have been made.


Editorial Turnaround Times Brief Documents
(less than 6 pages)
Long Documents
( 6 or more pages)

Proofing and copyediting

24 hours 2-5 days

Substantive writing and/or editing

3-4 days 5-10 days

Editorial Rates

Editorial Services (minimum .25 hour) ......................................

$55.00 per hour

Resources & Policy Approvals

For more information and links to helpful sites (logos, print/web publishing style guides, and policy approvals), click here. All publications must be reviewed for Campus Policy compliance before publishing. For details, click here.
To begin an Editorial Services job, submit an Editorial Request or contact Sharon Berg at (425) 564-2283.