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Need Help Marketing?

Need help marketing your class, program, department or campus event? We can help! Our experienced in-house, award-winning creative staff can write, design and produce just about anything you want printed or displayed. A few highly effective ways to communicate your message are listed below.

Ready to get started? Please make an appointment with Publications & Communications Manager Sharon Berg, Senior Graphic Designer Robyn Bell-Bangerter or Marketing Director Bart Becker to explore these and other ways to help with your marketing needs.

Suggestions to Market Your Class or Program

Program Brochures

Psychology Brochure Interior Design Sustainable Design Certificate Brochure Program brochures provide students with helpful information about course offerings, career and transfer opportunities, and faculty/department contact information in a colorful, take-home format. These trifold brochures are perfect for distributing at student events, education fairs or posting around campus. We can write, design and print your brochure totally in-house. You can order as little or as many as you need with the opportunity to order more in future. Average turnaround for the initial writing, design and printing is two weeks from start to finish.


SAMI Science Fair Poster Criminal Justice Poster Posters are a great way to catch a student’s attention when traveling from class to class. They can be displayed on the campus bulletin boards and/or around the community. We can also provide contact information for a commercial distributor for off-campus promotion.

Ad in the Credit Schedule

Business Management Ad Pursuit of Happiness Ad Publicize your class by placing an ad in the credit schedule. This publication is mailed to nearly thousands of Eastside households and an additional copies are distributed at many popular meeting places on campus and in the community. This is the most effective way to reach the largest audience; and best of all, it's free to you. Please contact your department or division head to have your ad prioritized. Each division may submit up to five ads and, in case space becomes limited, ads with the lowest priority are deleted; a very rare occurrence, however.

Feature Story in the Credit Schedule

Credit Schedule Highlights

Another opportunity to get attention in the credit schedule is by having a feature story on the Highlights page, which appears on page three. Contact Sharon Berg, the Publications & Communications Manager, at (425) 564-2283 to discuss this option.

Web Ad on the BC Home Page

Bulldog Ad

Have you noticed the rotating ads on the BC website and wondered, “How can I get my program noticed this way?” Call Bart Becker, the BC Marketing Director, at (425) 564-2810 to arrange design and placement of your ad. It's another economical and effective way to reach a large audience. This ad also links directly to your department home page giving you an additional method of conveying information.

Ad in The Watchdog

Watchdog Ad

The Watchdog is BC’s student newspaper, with a circulation of 3,000 per issue. Graphic Services can design your ad or you can have the Watchdog's designer assist you. Contact the Watchdog's Advertising Manager, at (425) 564-2434 to place an ad.

Suggestions to Market Your Campus Event


MoE Banner
Printing Services can produce colorful, eye-catching banners 3' tall by variable length (see Posters & Banners) that can really grab attention when displayed hanging over the BC fountain or elsewhere on campus. Media options include laminated paper for short term use or weather resistant vinyl for long term use. Contact Dianne Harbolt, Graphics & Printing Coordinator, at (425) 564-2974 for ideas on the most effective and economical choice for your application.


Fantasticks Postcard Direct-mail postcards are another advertising option when you want to target a particular mailing list rather than the campus community at large. Call Robyn Bell-Bangerter, Senior Graphic Designer, at (425) 564-2277 to discuss the best way to communicate your message.