Dennis L. Wanamaker, Ph.D.


I received my B.A from Central Washington University in History/Education, my M.Ed from Central Washington University in Social Science, and my Ph.D. from Washington State University in Educational/Clinical Psychology.

I enjoy teaching Psychology with a general, interdisciplinary approach incorporating methodologies from other disciplines. As a result of studying the principles of Psychology, I want my students to have a sense of practical application in their own lives exemplified by their attitudes, such as an attitude of taking individual responsibility for their actions and outcomes as opposed to becoming a victim or martyr and having a positive attitude in regard to labels, expectation and outcomes. (Empirical studies have indicated a positive correlation between these attitudes and outcomes like happiness, achievement and success.) I enjoy getting to know my students and I encourage them to meet with me individually in order to learn more about their background and aspirations and as a result, the relationship established can enhance the learning performance. My classes consist of a variety of learning activities to reach different learning styles and lead to student success and critical thinking ability. I live in Mill Creek, have 3 children and enjoy golf as a hobby.

Dennis Wanamaker