COVID-19 Employee Information

From: Suzette J. Yaezenko, Vice President

Subject: COVID-19 Employee Information

In light of Governor Inslee’s recent measures and OFM guidelines, to aid in slowing the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), Bellevue College is encouraging remote work options and the use of sick leave and other paid leave to cover COVID-19 related situations. Any changes to contract language and/or College policy/procedures described in this memo are a one-time, non-precedent setting exception.


Remote Work Arrangements

Bellevue College is encouraging all supervisors to think creatively to develop telecommuting work plans with their employees. Telecommuting options are extended to faculty, classified, exempt, and hourly staff with supervisor/dean approval and where business operations allow. A formal telecommuting agreement is required to work remotely. Here is a link to the telecommuting agreement form. Refer to the policy on BC 4800/4800P Telecommuting and Alternative Schedules (Policy/Procedure) for more information.

The Office of Human Resources (HR) has developed a guideline on training and working from home resources. You can access this guideline here.


Expansion of Sick Leave and Faculty Personal Leave Usage

Bellevue College has authorized expanded use of accrued sick leave and faculty personal leave for COVID-19 related situations. This will allow employees to use accrued leave that may not currently fall within collective bargaining agreements or College policy and procedures.

If a school or place of care for an employee’s child is temporarily closed by a public health official due to COVID-19, employees may use accrued sick leave, faculty personal leave, or other leave to cover an absence while they stay home to care for their child and are not able to work remotely. Employees may telecommute and use a combination of leave types, if needed.

If an employee is experiencing stress-related health issues due to COVID-19 and is unable to work remotely, they may use accrued sick leave, faculty personal leave, or other accrued leave.

During the COVID-19 emergency, all collective bargaining agreements or policies that require accrued vacation leave be depleted before the use of accrued sick leave are currently suspended.

If an employee has a medical condition impacting their ability to work, contact Lisa Ziemer, HR Benefit Partner, or 425-564-2271.

HR has developed a guide on COVID-19 Scenarios and Benefits. You can access this guideline here.


Expansion of Paid Leave

If an employee is required to self-quarantine and is not able to work remotely in any capacity, Bellevue College will keep the employee in paid status with no loss of pay while the employee is home in self-quarantine status for up to fourteen (14) calendar days.

If you have been advised to or required to self-quarantine, contact Suzette Yaezenko, HR Vice President, at or 425-564-2271.


New COVID-19 Related Laws

Governor Inslee signed House Bill 2739 extending the shared Leave program to employees required to self-isolate/quarantine due to COVID-19. More details will be provided as we obtain clarification of the application of this new law.

President Trump signed Families First Coronavirus Response Act expanding family and medical leave as well as sick leave, effective April 2, 2020. More details will be provided as we obtain clarification of the application of this new law.

If you would like to apply for shared leave or family and medical leave, please contact Gretchen Bird, Benefits Consultant, at or 425-564-2429.


Bellevue College COVID-19 Resources

Bellevue College has been closely monitoring the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). For the latest news and information related to our college-wide response, please visit the Emergency Procedures website.

You may also access additional employee resources at the COVID-19 Employee Resources SharePoint site.

Thank you for your continued understanding and excellence during this uncertain time.

Last Updated October 6, 2020