Campus Security Authorities

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What is a Campus Security Authority?

A Campus Security Authority or CSA is anyone who has significant responsibility for student and campus activities.

CSA’s can be the first responder to a student, employee or campus visitor who wants to report a crime and that first encounter with they can determine what the reporting party’s next step will be. They are a partner in campus safety and their role as a CSA is crucial. Every CSA is required to complete annual training and pass a quiz.

According to federal law, Bellevue College Public Safety is required to disclose “statistics concerning the occurrence of certain criminal offenses reported to the local police agency or any official of the institution who has “significant responsibility for student and campus activities”.

Criminal Offenses that we are required to disclose are: Criminal Homicide, including Murder, Non-negligent Manslaughter and Manslaughter by Negligence; Sexual Assault, including Rape, Fondling, Incest and Statutory Rape; Robbery; Aggravated Assault; Burglary; Motor Vehicle Theft; and Arson occurring campus, in residence facilities, in non-campus property and on public property.

If you are made aware of any crimes on campus owned and leased property, it is important that you immediately contact Public Safety at (425) 466-9365 or use the Campus Security Authority Reporting Form.

Your report may be the basis for determining if there is a serious or continuing threat to the safety of our campus community that would require an alert to be disseminated.

If you have any questions about this request or you would like to discuss the specifics about an incident, please feel free to contact Public Safety at (425) 466-9365.

Campus Security Authority Training
Campus Security Authority Report Form (Maxient)

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Last Updated October 20, 2021