Citation Appeal Process

Individuals may be cited or receive a ticket for parking without a permit, parking in an unauthorized area, blocking a roadway, or speeding. If a fine is not paid, the college may delay a student’s registration, place a hold on transcripts or financial aid, impound the vehicle and/or reserve the right to pursue collections on any unpaid fines.

Appeals must be filed within 21 days after the date on the ticket. After that time you will be required to pay the fine and may not appeal. If a citation is not paid within 20 days and you fail to appeal the citation, the fine may also be doubled.

If you believe a ticket was unjustified, follow the directions below (all appeals must be submitted electronically).

How to Appeal a Ticket or Citation:

  1. Visit the Bellevue College Parking Permit Portal
  2. Select the option to “Pay, View, or Appeal a Citation”
  3. Enter the citation number and license plate number from the parking ticket
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and follow the instructions there

Last Updated November 10, 2022