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Bellevue College Public Safety Lock-down Procedures


  • Make sure you have your keys at all times.

  • A campus alert (text, email, or other) will notify you that we are going into lock-down.

  • When you receive the lock-down announcement, do not call for information. Do not allow students to use telephones or cell phones.

    • Instructors who have students on the athletic fields should gather all the students in the safest location possible and await further instructions from law enforcement officials.

  • Instructors should quickly check halls/common areas and usher students into classrooms – even if they aren’t in your class.

  • Secure your room: Lock all doors (interior and exterior) as possible, close blinds, turn off lights, and keep students down and away from the windows and door. Stay out of sight. 

    • Instructors may be issued a key that will allow them to lock the door to a classroom from the inside (occupants can still leave the room if needed).

    • The keys will work on all doors that have a red emergency key box mounted next to the door. Although not every door on campus is capable of having this installed, this does cover the majority of classrooms. If no instructor is present or the instructor does not have a key, occupants should locate the red emergency box near the door to obtain a key to lock the room.

    • To access the key, use the hammer to break the glass (pictured below). You will find the key to lock the classroom door and material to cover the glass panel on the door.

    • Lock door.

    • Cover all exposed windows (if possible).

  • During lock-down, common areas should remain clear except for Campus Security and Police.

    • Staff without students should remain in or find a secured room, or seek shelter in the nearest classroom.

  • Remain in lock-down until a uniformed officer provides instructions or an “all clear” code is sent via the campus alert system.

  • An email explanation will be sent to teachers as soon as possible after the lock-down.


Lock down key red box


To Download and Print: Lockdown Procedures

Last Updated August 15, 2018