Degree and Enrollment Verification

Degree Verification

Degree or certificate completion is noted on BC official transcripts if you have applied and qualified for a degree or certificate. Notation will be posted to transcripts approximately 2-4 weeks following the end of the quarter in which your degree or certificate is to be received. Degrees and certificates are conferred for the quarter in which the degree/certificate applications are received, not the last quarter when the required coursework are completed. Recognition for graduation with distinction is also noted on the transcript.

Transcript Request for Degree Verification

To request an official transcript for degree/certificate verification, complete a “Transcript Request” form and pay the required fee.  You can also complete this form and pay by contacting Enrollment Services. Transcripts are mailed to the address provided in the request.

Enrollment Verification Letter Request

To request an official letter verifying enrollment or degree/certificate completion, fill out an “Enrollment Verification Request” form. You can also complete this form at Enrollment Services.

Last Updated March 17, 2021