Repeating a Course

[excerpt from our Grading Policy]

Students may repeat a course taken at Bellevue College in order to improve their skills or the course grade.  All course repeats must comply with the Procedures for Repeating a Course.

  • The course repeat policy only applies to courses that are taken at Bellevue College.
  • A course may be repeated only twice (taken a total of three times) unless otherwise specified in the college catalog.
  • Credit for any course is earned only once (except courses designed to be taken multiple times, as noted in the Bellevue College Catalog).
  • Only the highest grade awarded will be used in computing the Bellevue College GPA.
  • Each grade received will remain on the student’s transcript; the Registrar will place an “R” next to other grade(s) received for that course.
  • Courses must be repeated for a letter grade unless the course is offered only as pass/fail.
  • The course repeat process DOES NOT apply to grade symbols: I, NC, W, HW, Y or Z.
  • The Bellevue College repeat policy may or may not be recognized by other institutions, at their sole discretion.
  • To repeat a course, students must re-register and pay all necessary tuition and fees.

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Last Updated March 13, 2015