Student Central Appeal Process

Student Central provides an appeal process for a variety of situations, and for when students experience an unusual or exceptional circumstance that may warrant and exception to college policy and established procedures. Please note that refunds of tuition and class related fees are governed by state law. The college may provide a full refund of tuition and class related fees for students who experience a medical situation that prevents them from successfully completing the quarter, or for military service or deployment that lasts more than 30 days.

Students may use the online appeal process for the following areas:

Fill Out Online Appeal Form

  • Medical withdrawals and refunds
    • Includes death of a family member or domestic partner
  • Military service or deployment withdrawals and refunds
  • Request for an official withdrawal after the deadline
  • Request to increase a credit limitation related to academic standing
  • Refund or waiver of registration drop for non-payment or late registration fees
  • Other changes in registration or admission not covered above

For other types of appeals, please go to Online Services: Appeal Processes for a complete list.

Last Updated December 7, 2019