Credit Enrollment Limitation

A student stdies exercises in a workbook at a table.

To promote student success in completing academic and career goals, Bellevue College has implemented limits on the number of credits students may enroll for. See College Procedure 2250 P2 Credit Limitations

Students can expect the following:

  • Students may enroll for up to 21 credits without restriction
  • Students may request to add one additional class beyond 21 credits for up to six credits
  • Students may not enroll for more than 27 credits – no exceptions

Procedure to Request Enrollment for more than 21 Credits

Students who wish to enroll for more than 21 credits must complete the online form linked here.

The following criteria is used:

  • Students who have earned fewer than 30 credits at BC, or have officially transferred fewer than 30 credits from another school, or a combination of both, may not register for more than 21 credits.
  • Students who have earned at least 30 credits at BC, or officially transferred at least 30 credits from another school, or a combination of both, and have a 3.0 cumulative grade point average (GPA) can register for more than 21 credits.
  • For Fall Quarter 2020, students may attach an unofficial transcript to their request to show number of credits and GPA earned at another school.

This procedure does not apply to:

  • Students participating in specific academic programs that require students to take additional credits
  • Students in non-credit classes (ABE, GED, ESL)
  • Classes taught through Continuing Education
  • Classes taught through the Tombolo Institute

Last Updated June 24, 2022