Medical Withdrawal and Refund

In accordance with state law, the college may provide a full refund of tuition and class related fees for students who experience a medical situation that prevents them from successfully completing the quarter, or for military service or deployment that lasts more than 30 days.

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Withdrawal and Refund Conditions and Information

  • The medical situation may apply to the student or the student’s family, which includes parents/step-parents, siblings, children, spouse, or domestic partner.
  • The college generally does not approve medical withdrawals and refunds for chronic health conditions, or health conditions known to the student at the start of the quarter. The college considers exceptions on a case-by-case basis using the appeal process.
  •  A medical withdrawal and refund does not generally meet the definition of an accommodation for a documented disability, but may be approved if an unusual or unexpected situation occurs related to the disability.
  • The college generally requires a complete withdrawal from all classes. If you seek an exception to this, please be specific in your appeal and supply documentation that supports this as medically necessary.
  • Students approved for a medical withdrawal refund receive an official grade of “W” on their transcripts – no exceptions.
  • The college does not approve a medical withdrawal and refund for subsequent quarters for the same or related condition or situation. Exceptions are made on a case-by-case basis using the appeal process.
  • Financial aid students, international students, veterans, and other students participating in special aid or support programs should check with those programs prior to requesting a medical withdrawal to avoid eligibility issues and repayment requirements.

Request a Medical Withdrawal and Refund

All requests for a medical withdrawal and refund are submitted and processed online. Students can access the online form by clicking the button below and then selecting “Medical Withdrawal and Refund” from the list. Students must also submit the Health Care Provider Verification form to the health care provider that can document the medical situation. Other documentation may also be submitted if needed to provide additional information.

Fill Out Online Appeal Form


For detailed information about the requirements needed for a medical withdrawal and refund, please refer to college procedure #2450P Official Withdrawal from a Course.

Last Updated June 7, 2021