Withdrawal for classes due to US military service

Military Service Withdrawal

  • To request a military service withdrawal, students must complete the appealĀ form for a military service withdrawal and submit required documentationĀ listed on the form, and submit it online or to the Enrollment Services Office.
  • To be eligible, students must be absent from school and in military service for a period of time that exceeds 30 calendar days.
  • Service members may elect to withdraw from one or more courses.
  • An official grade of W appears on the transcript.
  • A 100% refund of tuition and class related fees is provided for approved military service withdrawals.
  • Financial Aid students, international students, veterans, and other students who are participating in special aid or support programs should check with their program advisor to determine if withdrawing from classes will result in possible eligibility issues or required repayment of funds.
  • Students may contact the Veterans Affairs office at (425) 564-2220 for more guidance.

Last Updated March 3, 2017