Payments & Deadlines Information

Summer Quarter 2021

Registration transaction datePayment deadline
May 7 - June 9June 16
June 10 - June 16June 23
June 17 - June 23June 30
June 24 and laterTuition due by the end of the business day after registration

Fall Quarter 2021

Registration transaction datePayment deadline
May 7 - August 31September 7
September 1 - 7 September 14
September 8 - 14September 21
September 15 and afterTuition is due by the end of the business day after registration
Important Information
  • You must pay your tuition by the payment deadline to avoid the college dropping you from classes for non-payment.
    • Financial aid pays tuition for the upcoming quarter after grades are posted for the previous quarter for continuing students.
    • All other financial aid students are held in their classes if they completed their financial aid files by the deadline financial aid deadline, until the students are awarded, or funds are released for the upcoming quarter.
    • All other financial aid applicants, who did not meet the deadline, or who are not eligible for aid must pay their own tuition.
  • If you cannot pay the entire tuition amount due, you may benefit from the Nelnet tuition payment plan: Students approved under the payment plan pay a $25 administrative fee, and can arrange automatic withdrawal from a checking or credit card account that is spread out over the course of the quarter.
  • Please note that registering for additional classes at a later date does not extend the initial registration payment deadline. Dropping and re-adding the same class does not extend the payment deadline.

Paying Online

Pay tuition and fees online using your Visa, MasterCard or Discover. The college does not accept American Express cards. Procedures for logging in and paying online are outlined in the How Web Registration Works section. Sign-up for the automatic tuition payment plan.

Paying In Person

In person payment is currently not available. If you are not able to pay online with a credit or debit card, use the pay in full option or set up a payment plan, please submit a request for assistance online.

New option: Pay in full with your bank account.

Not Paying

If you did not pay your tuition and fees by the deadline, the college may drop you from some or all of your classes. However, do not count on the college to drop you for non-payment. If you do not plan to attend the classes you registered for, you must drop yourself to avoid costly collection fees. Registering for a class, takes a spot in that class that may prevent another student from registering. The college charges and collects tuition from students who registered for a class, but failed to attend. Please note the following:

  • The college charges a drop fee if classes were previously dropped for non-payment in the current quarter or in any prior quarter.
  • The college reserves the right to send unpaid tuition and fee balances to collections, and students remain responsible for collection and legal fees incurred as a result.

Last Updated May 6, 2021