Payments & Deadlines Information

Payments not available until after November 17 due to ctcLink conversion.

If you did not pay your tuition and fees by the deadline, the college may drop you from some or all of your classes. However, do not count on the college to drop you for non-payment. If you do not plan to attend the classes you registered for, you must drop yourself to avoid costly collection fees. Registering for a class, takes a spot in that class that may prevent another student from registering. The college charges and collects tuition from students who registered for a class, but failed to attend. Please note the following:

  • The college charges a drop fee if classes were previously dropped for non-payment in the current quarter or in any prior quarter.
  • The college reserves the right to send unpaid tuition and fee balances to collections, and students remain responsible for collection and legal fees incurred as a result.

Last Updated October 29, 2021