Required Attendance Information

Bellevue College expects all students to attend and begin their classes from the start of the quarter in order to be successful in those classes.

If you plan to miss any classes at the beginning of the quarter, you must contact your instructor/s in advance of the absence to avoid being dropped for non-attendance. This includes logging into the class website and beginning academic work like assignments or discussion posts for online and hybrid classes during the first two days of the quarter. You should always notify your instructor of any absences as soon as possible throughout the quarter.

Instructors, at their discretion may ask Student Central to drop students who fail to attend class, or fail to log in to an online or hybrid class and begin academic work unless the student notified the instructor of the absence in advance of the start of the quarter.

Additionally, notifying your instructor of a planned absence does not necessarily mean you can make up missed work, or that your absence does not impact your grade. You must understand your instructors’ expectations regarding submission of work and attendance by contacting your instructor/s.

Last Updated July 30, 2019