Class Withdrawal Information


For a variety of reasons, students sometimes cannot complete their classes as they expected. Student Central provides the following information to help students, faculty, staff, and other advisors determine the best course of action related to withdrawing from a class or classes.

Official Withdrawal

To receive an official withdrawal, students must withdraw themselves from a class or classes by the specific quarter deadline posted on the Academic Calendar.

  • Students can avoid receiving a W grade on their transcripts, which signifies an official withdrawal, by withdrawing prior to the tenth instructional day of the quarter (earlier for summer quarter), as indicated on the Academic Calendar.
  • An official withdrawal does not affect a student’s Bellevue College Grade Point Average (GPA).
  • By federal regulation, financial aid limits the number of times a student receiving financial aid may repeat a class with a W grade to two additional times.
  • Students receiving financial aid should check with Student Central before withdrawing from a class or classes to see how the withdrawal may impact their eligibility for aid. Also refer to Withdrawal, Refunds and Repayments related to financial aid eligibility.
  • International students should not withdraw themselves from their classes without first consulting with the Office for International Education. While in this country, the Department of Homeland Security requires international students to attend their classes for the entire term. A W grade indicates a student stopped attending prior to the end of the quarter.
Note: The HW grade signifying an unofficial or hardship withdrawal is no longer available.
Students may appeal missing the official withdrawal deadline. See Below.

Appeal Options

Students may appeal missing the Official Withdrawal deadline if they experienced a non-medical, unexpected, unusual, or extenuating circumstance, which prevented them from withdrawing by the posted deadline. This option does not allow for a refund of tuition and fees, but if approved, does result in changing the record to an official W grade for the class(es) requested. Please refer to the Student Central Appeal Process for additional information.


Last Updated December 30, 2019