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NOTE: For safety around COVID-19, the RISE Learning Institute is working remotely for the foreseeable future, and thus will not be able to receive your calls. However, the RISE team should still be able to receive your voicemail.

Office location:

Bellevue College (Main Campus) B237
3000 Landerholm Circle SE
Bellevue, WA 98007-6484

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Our Team

  • Alvares, Dr. Stacy – Faculty Lead, Undergraduate Research
  • Austin-Miranda, Katie – Faculty Lead, Project-Based Learning
  • Boyd, Jamie – Program Assistant, Neurodiversity Navigators
  • Bryant, Dr. Katie – Associate Director (STEM Liaison)
  • Butler, Ray – Faculty, Health & Physical Wellness
  • Curry, Madison – President’s Civic Fellow, Community-Engaged & Civic Education
  • Dalrymple, Taylor – Faculty Lead, Community-Engaged & Civic Education
  • Davey, Kristen – Program Manager, Center for Career Connections
  • Fey, Dr. Dan – Director of RISE
  • Gachon, Paloma – MakerSpace Assistant, MakerSpace
  • Hackett, Marisa – Director, Disability Resource Center; Faculty, DSNS
  • Lawson, Mathew – MakerSpace Assistant, MakerSpace
  • Mauldin, Mandie – President’s Civic Fellow, Community-Engaged & Civic Education
  • Millikan, Laura – Center for Career Connections
  • Mouton, Fabienne – Associate Director, Center for Career Connections
  • Ozanich, Alex – Faculty, Career Education Options, Neurodiversity Navigators
  • Parada, Jennifer – STEM Squared Instructor, Psychology & STEM
  • Pinkas, Tamara – Center for Career Connections
  • Pizzolatto, Joseph – MakerSpace Assistant, MakerSpace
  • Reese, Michael – Associate Dean, STEM Squared Instructor, STEM
  • Sanders Gardner, Sara – Director, Navigators Programs
  • Sciabarra, Dr. Christina – STEM Squared Instructor, Political Science & STEM
  • Swanson, Amy – Program Chair, Health & Physical Wellness
  • Liem, Jonathan – Digital Marketing and Media Specialist, RISE, Center for Career Connections

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Last Updated November 9, 2023