Cool Courses, Real Impact–Spring 2022

Three BC students, Kateryna Gomozova, Bridget Wittke, and Aaron Lang, present the results of their research at the University of Washington Undergraduate Research Symposium in May 2017; BC students build a mid-powered rocket as part of the new Rocketry and Aerospace Club, October 2017. BC students plant sword ferns as part of a Service-Learning project in Heidi Richter's Fall 2017 Marine Biology course.

Want to get more out of your BC experience?  Consider classes that offer transformational learning.  These classes stretch your thinking, offer hands-on ways of applying what you’re learning, and build valuable skills for your resume—and for life after BC.  You can find high-impact experiences in:

Undergraduate Research

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Most students don’t engage in authentic research until their senior year or grad school.  But BC offers a couple classes that allow you to do real research RIGHT NOW.  In addition to building professional skills, these courses give you a chance to take charge of your own learning.  Students who have taken these courses report massively increased confidence in solving problems and working independently.  You’ll also build relationships with faculty who can serve as professional references and provide evidence of your research skills.

Check out these research courses offered this Winter Quarter:

ANTH 208: Language, Culture, & Society  •  5 Cr.  •  Class # 5467  •  Online  •  Katharine Hunt

BIOL 108: Human Biology  •  5 Cr.  •  Class # 8343  •  Online  •  Nancy Lane

BIOL 108: Human Biology  •  5 Cr.  •  Class # 8346  •  Online  •  Nancy Lane

BIOL& 160: General Biology w/ Lab  •  6 Cr.  •  Class # 8414 / 8416  •  Online MWF 10:30am-11:30am, In-Person MW 12:30pm-2:20pm  •  Jackie Miller

BIOL& 160: General Biology w/ Lab  •  6 Cr.  •  Class # 8415 / 8417  •  Online MWF 10:30am-11:30am, In-Person TTh 12:30pm-2:20pm  •  Jackie Miller

BIOL& 211: Biology Majors Cellular w/ Lab  •  6 Cr.  •  Class # 8491 / 8492  •  MWF 10:30am-11:30am, TTh 10:30am-12:20pm  •  Stacy Alvares

CJ& 101: Introduction to Criminal Justice  •  5 Cr.  •  Class # 6816  •  MW 8:30am-10:20am  •  Kelli Callahan

CJ& 101: Introduction to Criminal Justice  •  5 Cr.  •  Class # 6825  •  TTh 12:30pm-2:20am  •  Charlene Freyberg

Community-Engaged & Civic Education

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Community-Engaged & Civic Education (CECE) courses allow you to apply what you’re learning in class to the real world. In essence, the community becomes another textbook on your way to meeting the goals of your course.  CECE gets you out into the surrounding community (or maybe brings a community partner into the classroom) to help meet the need of a non-profit, government, academic, or faith-based agency while also increasing your own understanding of the topics in your class. CECE courses include traditional service-learning, community-engaged research, civic education, and more.

Service-Learning Courses and the Transcript Notation

Service-Learning looks awesome on your resume—and on your transcript!  Certain courses below may meet rigorous standards and thus provide you an opportunity to earn a special notation on your transcript.  This notation will be helpful for you when applying for jobs or transferring to other institutions.

All these courses below offer an opportunity to contribute to making your community a better place, through which you give back while also learning about yourself, better understanding course material, and gaining invaluable skills. NOTE: Not all CECE courses will meet the rigorous action-oriented standards required to qualify for the transcript notation. Ask your instructor whether the course gives you the chance to earn the transcript notation.

Important note: There is no guarantee that the courses above will have a service-learning or civic action component, or be eligible for the transcript notation. Those that do offer community-engaged learning may make it a required or optional part of the course. Please contact the instructor with questions.

ARAB 121: Arabic I  •  5 Cr.  •  Class # 5657  •  Online  •  Reham Elkhayat

CEO 82: Social Studies  •  1-10 Cr.  •  Class # 43518  •  MW 11:30am-1:20pm  •  Taylor Dalrymple •  CEO Students Only

CEO 82: Social Studies  •  1-10 Cr.  •  Class # 43519  •  Th 6:00pm-8:00pm  •  Taylor Dalrymple  • CEO Students Only

CJ& 101: Introduction to Criminal Justice  •  5 Cr.  •  Class # 6816  •  MW 8:30am-10:20am  •  Kelli Callahan

CJ& 101: Introduction to Criminal Justice  •  5 Cr.  •  Class # 6825  •  TTh 12:30pm-2:20am  •  Charlene Freyberg

DMA 103: Digital 2D Design  •  5 Cr.  •  Class # 8114  •  MW 10:30am-12:20pm  •  Mariella Lawson

DMA 103: Digital 2D Design  •  5 Cr.  •  Class # 39819  •  Online  •  Mariella Lawson

DMA 289: Production  •  5 Cr.  •  Class # 8251  •  W 3:00pm-5:10pm •  Craig Jones  • DMA Students Only

ECED& 170: Environments for Young Children  •  5 Cr.  •  Class # 6814  •  Online W 6:30pm-9:20pm •  Jamie Cho

ENGL& 235: Technical Writing  •  5 Cr.  •  Item # 5524  •  Online  •  Katie Austin-Miranda

ENVS 105: The Science of Sustainable Living  •  5 Cr.  •  Class # 7489  •  Online  •  Roshni Tewari

HSC 82: Social Studies  •  5 Cr.  •  Class # 35473  •  MW 11:30am-1:20pm  •  Taylor Dalrymple • ABE Students Only

HSC 82: Social Studies  •  5 Cr.  •  Class # 35475  •  MTWTh Online  •  Taylor Dalrymple  •  ABE Students Only

INDES 220: Design Drawing  •  5 Cr.  •  Class # 8286  •  Online  •  Betty Torrell

ISIT 322: Developing Mobile Applications  •  5 Cr.  •  Class # 8177  •  TTh 3:00pm-5:10pm  •  Phil Duncan

ISIT 490: ISIT Capstone I  •  5 Cr.  •  Class # 8228  •  M 5:30pm-7:40pm  •  Pratima Suneel  • ISIT Students Only

NURS 485: Fieldwork in Community and Public Nursing  •  4 Cr.  •  Class # 6803  •  Arranged  •  Kevy Wijaya  •  Nursing Students Only

OLS 124: Environment and Our Community III  •  2 Cr.  •  Class # 5682  •  TF 10:30am-12:00pm  •  Mark Waldstein  •  OLS Students Only

POLS& 101: Introduction to Political Science  •  5 Cr.  •  Class # 7874  •  Online  •  Jabril Hassen

POLS& 202: American Government  •  5 Cr.  •  Class # 7878  •  Hybrid MW 12:30pm-1:20pm  •  Jabril Hassen

STEM 102: STEM to Stern Cohort III  •  2 Cr.  •  Class # 7536  •  W 2:30pm-4:20pm  •  Katie Bryant  •  STEM Students Only


The Academic Internship Program helps students in all majors connect to internship opportunities. They can also help you earn college credit for an existing internship.

You can schedule an appointment with an internship specialist by calling 425.564.2279, visiting the Center for Career Connections in B231, or emailing

Learning Communities

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Students and faculty participating in the Interdisciplinary Studies Program build learning communities that integrate teaching and learning across academic disciplines in collaborative, supportive, student-centered environments.

Learning communities consists of two or three courses, usually for 10 or more credits, designed and organized around a theme or subject of inquiry that learners investigate through multiple perspectives. Courses provide opportunities to connect personal, academic, and civic responsibilities by building critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and analytic skills.

Check out the awesome learning communities offered in Winter Quarter. You can learn more about how learning communities courses work—and how they transfer to other colleges in our FAQ page.

Innovative Offerings


This course is intended for students considering careers in non-profits, government, advocacy, social entrepreneurship, philanthropy, or impact-driven research. Guest speakers, field trips, and community-based service-learning opportunities will help students hone in on their ideal pathways to careers for social or environmental impact. Students will also learn how to identify, articulate, build, and apply strengths in resumes and on social media. Throughout the course, students will explore six different pathways that represent different careers for social or environmental impact, and will walk away with a plan for which pathway is most meaningful for them and what they should do to get there.

It will be offered next in Spring 2023.

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