Funding and Grants

Welcome to the RISE Learning Institute’s Funding and Grants page. Here you’ll find financial support opportunities for faculty development, including training and research projects. Whether you’re interested in professional development or advancing equity and inclusion, explore the programs below to find the right funding opportunity for you.

Some of these programs include:

Professional Development

RISE offers financial support for faculty training and development. This initiative aims to enhance faculty skills and expertise through workshops, courses, and other educational activities. The goal is to empower faculty to implement innovative teaching methods and contribute to student success.

President’s Award for Innovation & Equity

Our signature program for supporting faculty innovators, the President’s Award, offers up to $25,000 for teams of faculty who want to bring a high-impact practice into a course (or sequence of courses) that reaches at least 300 BC students per year. Information about the criteria and process appear here, and the accomplishments of previous winners appear in our annual report.

Last Updated August 29, 2023