RISE Travel Support for Presentations

The RISE Learning Institute supports BC faculty and staff engaged in research, curricular innovation, and creative endeavors. The Institute recognizes that successful scholarship requires the presentation, publication, and dissemination of research results and creative works. As such, we are pleased to offer modest support for travel costs entailed in the presentation of original work created by BC employees.

Funding Guidelines

  • These awards will support some but not all of the costs of travel. Awards are limited to a maximum of 80% of total non-food costs.  Furthermore, no BC faculty or staff member may be awarded more than $1,000 in a single year.
  • These awards are meant to support travel within the contiguous 48 states plus British Columbia. Requests to travel beyond this area are highly unlikely to be funded.
  • BC faculty and staff who are collaborating on a presentation should submit a single funding request.
  • Funding is limited, and funds are awarded on a rolling basis, so we encourage faculty and staff to apply early in the academic year.
  • If you receive funding, you agree to include the logos of the RISE Learning Institute and Bellevue College on your acknowledgements slide and to recognize the support of the RISE Learning Institute in your presentation—and in any future publications based upon the presentation.

The staff of the Institute are happy to consult on the development of application materials. Questions about travel support should be directed to Michael Reese, Director of Program Development.

Last Updated February 2, 2018