Helpful Tips

We want you to be as successful as possible while you are here. Unfortunately there is a lot of information to keep track of and know, so we added this here for you to reference.

  • Be sure to secure your parking permit if applicable. Permits are required in daily parking lots Monday though Friday 6am-3pm, even during holiday breaks.
  • Purchase your books for class by the first day of class so you are prepared.  Review required books under the Class listing for each class.(it is a little picture of a book in between the room number and seats available) Most classes won’t have books listed until a few weeks before classes start.
  • Pay your tuition and fees on time. You can pay your Fees and tuition in online services under “registration” or from this link provided
    Dropping and re-registering for the same class will not extend or renew the payment deadline. Classes dropped for nonpayment by the Registration office will incur a drop fee if classes have been dropped for nonpayment in the past.
  • Earn a C or better in each class to ensure you can remain in the Running Start Program.
  • It is your responsibility to know the classes your are enrolled in and to drop them if you wish. Not attending will earn you an F in a class you enrolled in. Check through “ONLINE SERVICES” under “Records and Grades” – 
  •  If you feel you will not do well in a class it is better to drop the class then earn a F – know the deadline dates for dropping a class. See the enrollment calendar:
  • Check your wait list daily and remove yourself from wait list if you no longer want to take that class. Payment deadline apply for those classes you get in off the wait list.  Often students don’t check daily, they get into a class off the wait list and then they get dropped for nonpayment.
  • Be sure you take classes that meet your high school graduation requirement.
  • Homeschool students must go to High school to get enrollment verification form completed each quarter, a parent can not sign off as a High School Counselor.
  • A block will be on your account if you have parking fees, testing, or library fees. They must be paid and block removed before you can access your account.
  • CHECK your Bellevue College email account often. You are responsible for the information we send there.  Be RESPONSIBLE
  • If you want a parent to be able to call on your behalf with questions – you must come to the office and complete a student information release form.
  • Make sure to turn in a completed enrollment verification from, including ALL signatures, at least two business days before your registration time each quarter. Keep a copy for your files in case there is a problem.  You can check your registration date/time though online services.
  • Most of your information can be answered though the online services section – be familiar with that site. It can be accessed through Bellevue colleges main page on the top right corner or by inserting this address in your search bar
  • HS Seniors planning their final Spring quarter: Plan ahead regarding high school graduation activities.  Bellevue College Instructors are not required and rarely make accommodations to the testing date/time for Final Exams.  Often these conflict with the high school practice run for graduation. Don’t wait until the last minute to address this.  (review the college calender @

Last Updated October 27, 2015