How many quarters can I be in Running Start?

Eligible students can participate for a maximum of 6 quarters ( Fall, Winter, Spring quarters of the Junior and Senior years). In accordance with State rules, there is no Running Start in the Summer quarter. If you attend Summer Quarter (see admission requirements) you must pay your own tuition.

Can I attend Bellevue College (BC) full time or part time?

Yes, you can take all of your classes at Bellevue College, or some at Bellevue College and some at your High School.

How much does Running Start cost?

Students do not pay for tuition cost if they take the allotted amount of college credits approved on their enrollment verification form each quarter. Fees that are the responsibility of the student are:

  • Tuition for classes enrolled in that are more than the quarterly approved credits.
  • Classes that are below college level (any course that begins with the number ’0′) or development classes (English 100 or Read 104)
  • Placement test fee
  • Books and transportation costs
  • Quarterly fees associated with tuition: Comprehensive fee, Commute reduction fee, Technology fee, Environmental Sustainability Fee, Lab fees and Class fees – contact the Student Financial Services office at 425-564-2309 if you have questions.
How do I know which classes at BC apply toward my high school graduation requirements?

Your High School or School District will provide you with the list of course equivalencies.  When you meet with your High School Counselor for the enrollment verification form each quarter, please review with them the classes you should take. Some high schools may require that specific content be covered in a class, so in some cases, students may need to take more than one class to meet a high school graduation requirement.

Is it possible to obtain both a high school diploma and a college associate’s degree after completing two years in the Running Start Programs?

Yes, it is possible but it requires careful planning. Be sure to meet with BC Advising Office for advising help toward an AA degree. (They will meet with you once you have completed the new student orientation session.) Typically about 150 Running Start Students graduate from Bellevue College every year with an AA degree at the same time they graduate from high school.

I applied to the programs but still have not received my student ID number – what happened?

Check your spam folder – often the emails are directed there and students do not see the information we have sent. Use a desktop to check your email, often students using a mobile device do not see their email using this method.

Where can I pay my Tuition and Fees?

Pay your tuition and fees on time. It is your responsibility to know when payment is due. This is provided to you at the time you register for your classes thru online services. You can pay your Fees and tuition in online services under “registration” or from this link provided https://www.ctc.edu/~bellevue/wccba/waci600.html



Last Updated June 12, 2020