About Us

About SAMI

The Bellevue College Science and Math Institute (SAMI) was created in 2008 to promote interest in science and mathematics. SAMI is not only housed within Bellevue College’s Science Division, we collaborate with faculty to develop and lead innovative programming for students and the public.

Contact Us

SAMI Staff: 

SAMI Director: Jenn Pang, PhD (aka Dr. Jenn)
SAMI Program Manager: Jennifer Pritchard
SAMI Public Planetarium Presenter: Asher Hedberg
SAMI Student Assistant: Brinda Shah

Email: sami@bellevuecollege.edu

Phone: 425.564.3055

Mailing Address:
Science and Math Institute (SAMI) at Bellevue College
3000 Landerholm Circle SE, MS L200
Bellevue, WA 98007

SAMI’s Mission

The Science and Math Institute (SAMI) at Bellevue College serves our diverse community by developing and leading engaging, innovative science and math programs.

By creating opportunities to inspire scientific discovery and think critically, we encourage our community to connect to science in their everyday lives and consider the importance and impact of science- and math-related careers.

Our Core Values

Inspire Scientific Discovery and Science Literacy
• To encourage our community to develop curiosity around science and math concepts
• To supply our participants with the confidence, knowledge, and skills to “dive deep” and pursue subjects of interest
• To build confidence in critical thinking and problem solving skills for use in everyday situations

Be Mindful of Equity and Pluralism
• To be conscious of our diverse community and the need for cultural competency
• To make our programming accessible to all community members (acknowledging shared and disparate identities, orientations, and abilities)
• To partner with organizations that are committed to serving communities that are typically underrepresented in science and math fields

Cultivate Community and Citizenship
• To help members of our community develop the agency to make informed decisions and be compassionate citizens
• To instill that discovery and innovation are collaborative in nature
• To demonstrate that science is an effective tool to address past, present, and future challenges

Science Division Office

The Science Division houses all of Bellevue College’s science and math offerings, including SAMI.

Maps and Directions

Science Division (Mailstop: L200)
Bellevue Community College
3000 Landerholm Circle SE
Bellevue, WA 98007

Phone: 425-564-2321
Fax: 425-564-4125

To learn more about individual degree programs, instructors, and science advising, please visit the Science Division Website.


Last Updated April 19, 2019