As of October 3, 2018, an email was sent out to past students, teachers, and parents. Key points include:

Due to a renovation project of theBellevue College gymnasium, our normal venue for CSRSEF, the fair leadership has determined that we will not be able to hold this year’s CSRSEF in the Bellevue College gym.This means that as of this moment, we no longer have a venue and our event date may change.  

What does this mean for you? We are still committed to helping you through science fair season by vetting science fair paperwork through STEM Wizard. Please continue to work on your projects, and send us your paperwork as you are ready to submit. Please remember that if you are using humans, chemicals, microorganisms, vertebrate animals, going out into the field or anything that you may consider “risky,” you likely have to fill out at least one extra form and you need to submit your plans to the fair BEFORE you can start collecting data.

While we anticipate holding a CSRSEF 2019, if we are unable to secure a venue in time for the fair, students will automatically be eligible to present and compete at WSSEF this year (provided paperwork is complete and approved). 

Student registration will open on November 1. Updates will be forthcoming.