Welcome! Science Fair – why do it? “Love of science” or “teacher made me” are the two most common responses we hear. Regardless of your reason, we want to help make it as easy a process as possible, and thus as enjoyable an experience as possible. We do have a lot of forms and a rather long process, but bear with us and we’ll try to set you up for success. This is your one-stop shop for your science fair needs.



Electronic Signatures

Display and Safety

What to Expect


Note for Teams:

  • All team members need to register at the same time.
  • If a team consists of two members from different regional fair counties that team can choose which regional fair to enter. For example, if a team consists of a member from Thurston County and from King County they could enter South Sound or Central Sound but not both.
  • If a team consists of three members they would need to register for the fair which contains two of the members. For example, if the team consists of two members from Pierce County and one from King County they would need to enter the South Sound fair.
  • The team can participate in the state fair after the regional fair with no restrictions.

Last Updated November 7, 2018