SAVE THE DATE: March 10, 2018

Welcome! Science Fair – why do it? “Love of science” or “teacher made me” are the two most common responses we hear. Regardless of your reason, we want to help make it as easy a process as possible, and thus as enjoyable an experience as possible. We do have a lot of forms and a rather long process, but bear with us and we’ll try to set you up for success.

NEW in 2018: STEM Wizard Registration Process

Our new web-based software STEM Wizard allows teachers better access to student work and students will be able to look at the progress of their paperwork in almost real time. Students interested in participating at the state level will have their paperwork automatically sent to the state fair AFTER fair day. Since this is a new system, please feel free to reach out and let us know what is working and what you are having trouble with.

Here is a screenshot of what you’ll see when you click the STEM Wizard Registration link. The red circle will show you a drop down menu and yours, of course, is Student. Please note: teachers must registers first before letting students register (students will select their school and teacher based on the teacher’s profile).

One of the super cool things about this new system is that when you register, you can add your cell phone number and get text alerts for when there’s something updated on your project. Note: you also will need to know if you are doing your project as a team and the intended category you want to enter (though the category can be changed later with an email to us); you will also need to keep track of your login and password. The registration wizard will prompt you if you need additional forms. STEM Wizard Registration link can be found by clicking on this sentence.