Electronic Signatures for ISEF Forms

For Students:

In the upper right hand corner of each ISEF form are three small buttons called Tools, Sign, and Comment.

In order to send the document to be signed by your Adult Sponsor/Designated Supervisor/Qualified Scientist:

  1. Click the Sign button.
  2. Expand the Get Others to Sign option
  3. Click Send for Signature button
  4. Your internet browser will open a page to Adobe Document Cloud/eSign Services.
  5. Enter your email in the first field
  6. Enter your Adult Sponsor’s email in the second field (To:)
  7. Drag/drop any additional forms that you need signed.
  8. Enter the message you want to include to your Adult Sponsor (we suggest you say thank you for working with you, indicate which signature fields are required for them to sign, also would be nice to include the directions below or refer them to this page–see below).
  9. Agree to the Terms and Conditions, then hit Send.
  10. You will receive an email from Adobe Document Cloud–open it up and confirm your email address. This will open a new window in your browser with the documents you will be sending to your adult.
  11. The document will have all the signature lines highlighted to be “signed” by your adult. Please make sure you tell your adult which signature fields to sign.
  12. Then send to your Adult.
  13. When your Adult has electronically signed the document, you will receive another email with the document attached. Please make sure to download this form and rename it so it makes sense to you.
  14. When sending to a different Adult, after you log into Adobe Document Cloud, make sure to click the “Preview, Position Signatures, or add Form Fields” box which is beside the blue Next button on the lower left. If you do not do this then the signature fields will not be updated and your Adult will likely not be signing in the correct place.


Instructions for Adults e-Signing Electronic Documents

  1. You will receive an email that says your student has sent you a form to sign. This will be from Adobe Document Cloud.
  2. Click the link in the email to sign the forms. This document may contain more than one document to sign.
  3. A tab in your browser will open up with the document you are intended to sign. Please make sure to read the document before you electronically sign.
  4. Click on the highlighted sections and fill in where appropriate.
  5. Click on the signature fields at the very end. You will be asked to type your name. Make sure to click on ALL of the signatures fields you intend to sign.
  6. After you have populated ALL of the appropriate signatures, THEN click the blue Click to Sign button. This will finalize the document.
  7. We suggest you download a copy of the documents for your records.
  8. After the document has been finalized it’ll be sent to your student.

Last Updated October 30, 2018