Student Registration for Central Sound Regional Science and Engineering Fair:

There are 2 parts to student registration:

  1. Registering with STEM Wizard
  2. Registration fee

Please read through below before starting your registration process.

1. Registering with STEM Wizard

Prepare to register:

  • If you are a part of a team, all team members to register at the same time. Make sure to click the “team” option then up to 3 people can register together.
  • Need to have teacher register first. If you are participating outside of school, your Adult Sponsor or parent can register as your teacher instead.
  • Keep track of login and password.

STEM Wizard is the online platform that will help you:

  1. Track the progress of your project
  2. Keep your communications with the fair all in one place

2. Registration Fee

$20 registration fee for EACH student is due by cash our check made out to “Bellevue College- Science Fair.”

CSRSEF@Bellevue College
3000 Landerholm Circle SE, MS L200
Bellevue, WA 98007

For teams: Each student must pay his/her own registration fee. *As per ISEF rules, there can only be up to 3 members in a team.*

Why the registration fee?

The online registration lets us know that you are coming and helps us to plan for space, judging assignments, certificates, t-shirts, and more. The $20 registration fee per student covers the cost of the t-shirt, program and participation certificate; in addition, it helps us offset some of the costs incurred while planning the fair. Fee waivers are available to students who qualify for free or reduced price lunches.


Please note: if your project has not been confirmed within a week, please contact us. Additionally, we will ask for your abstracts a few weeks before the fair and will remind you by email.

Last Updated November 7, 2018