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Managing your NetID

What is a NetID?

Your NetID is your electronic identity at Bellevue College. Your NetID is a combination of a username and password which allows you to log in to online and computing services on campus such a email, MyBC, computers in labs and classrooms, or desktop computers if you’re an employee.  Setting up your NetID is something you should do as soon as possible after you apply for admissions or after being hired.

How to set up your NetID

Once you’ve been issued your college SID (student identification number) and PIN (password), you’ll need to create your NetID online.

Username format

All users receive a user name based on first and last name.  The username format is: firstname.lastname. Your username becomes the first portion of your email address. If another user has a similar name, alternates are provided when creating your account.  This username format changed on August 27, 2012. Read about the change

How to get your password

Once you’ve completed creating your username, check with your direct supervisor and he/she will provide you with details on how to log in to your computer the first time. Students who have applied for admissions will receive their password via email at the email address used when they applied for admissions.  Once your BC email address has been created, all official communications from the college are sent to that address.


    1. Read the network use policies included at the bottom of this page.
    2. Sign up online using the account creation site

Managing your password

Note: All NetID passwords expire every 120 days, so it is important that you reset your password on a regular basis.  If the expiration date passes, you will be unable to access college resources until you have updated your password.

Change or update password

We provide online self-service tools for managing your NetID password at

If you are a PC user, you may also opt to reset your password directly through your desktop computer at your desk.  Choose CTL+ALT+Delete and then choose Change Password. If you’ve been away from the college for a while and don’t remember your username, you may look it up online. Review the NetID password rules and standards.

Services available using NetID

You’ll use your NetID to access important college services such as:

  • BC e-mail
  • MyBC, college web portal
  • Course sites (Canvas)
  • Classroom computers
  • Open Lab computers (students only)
  • Request Center, the college’s online request tool used to request help or assistance, used campus-wide

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