Late registration petitions

For Spring quarter, students can register online for classes with open seats through April 12. Students are strongly encouraged to register prior to the quarter beginning on April 8.

  • If a class is full or has a waitlist: you may want to reach out to your instructor via email to see whether they will overload their class. In order to request to be added to a full class, use the Late Registration Petition form online (form will be available April 7).
  • Once submitted the instructor will receive an email. If the instructor approves your petition, the college will enroll you in the course in the order the permission was received. The college will simultaneously email an enrollment confirmation to your BC email address. Please be aware that there will be a delay after instructor approval depending on volume of requests.Access to Canvas takes additional time (up to 24 hours) after you are registered by enrollment services.
  • To see if you are enrolled in the course you must check your BC email and your class schedule frequently. 
  • Tuition is due the same day the college enrolls you in the course  If you can’t pay all your tuition at once check out our tuition payment plan! Note: Set up the payment plan on the same day you are registered.
  • Avoid the risk of the instructor not giving you permission to register late! Register as soon as you can!  Check your registration time


Last Updated March 27, 2020