Late registration petitions

Open class registration for classes with space available ends the 3rd day of the quarter. Register early to avoid late registration.

  • If a class is full or has a waitlist you can request to be added to using the Late Registration Petition form online from December 31st for winter quarter 2021.
  • Late registration ends on January 8th (no submissions after 3 pm).
  • To see if you are enrolled in the course you must check your BC email and your class schedule frequently. 
  • Tuition is due the same day the college enrolls you in the course  If you can’t pay all your tuition at once check out our tuition payment plan! Note: Set up the payment plan on the same day you are registered.
  • Avoid the risk of the instructor not giving you permission to register late! Register as soon as you can!  Check your registration time

Last Updated March 9, 2021