Select from two steps of advising….


Meet with a Social Science Advisor

This is Your First Step! You’ll want to first meet with the Social Science Advisor if you are interested in or are planning on majoring in one of the Social Sciences.

Meet with our professional Social Science advisor who will:

  • Provide you with general academic advising for your intended major and/or degree.
  • Explain transfer degree requirements.
  • Create a detailed educational plan to map out your future quarters.
  • Refer you to a faculty advisor once ready for ongoing major specific information and continued advising assistance throughout your major study.

To meet with your Social Science Advisor:

  • Make an appointment with Deanne Eschbach OR Paula McPherson by phone: 425-564-2212 or 425-564-2331 or in person in the Social Science Division.
  • Come to the Social Science Division, room D110 (just south of the water fountain) to meet with Deanne during the advising hours.

For online advising questions, email Deanne at:

Meet with a Faculty Advisor

Second Step! After you have gone through general advising and have met with the Social Science Advisor, you will set up a meeting with one of the faculty advisors in the Social Science division.

Note: There are no faculty advisors available during summer quarter. Please see the general advising section.

Administration of Criminal JusticeCharlene (425)564.2698D100C
Dr. Tom
(425)564-2025 D200E
Anthropology/ArchaeologyDr. Nancy
Ethnic and Cultural StudiesKim 3082A200D
Eric 564.2383B100B
Dr. Brian 564.3140D110E
Dr. Sabrina 564.4012 D110I
International StudiesDr. Tim 564.2010A200B
Dr. Trevor 564.2169D200B
Political ScienceDr. Trevor 564.2169D200C
Dr. Tim 564.2010A200b
Dr. Deepti 564.2613 D110K
Dr. Dennis D100B

If you are transferring English or Math course prerequisites from another college, bring a report card or an unofficial transcript to the Assessment Office in B132. If the coursework was taken before 1994, bring in a photocopy of the college’s catalog that lists the course description. The copy of the course description must match the same academic year and quarter you attended the class(es).

Last Updated May 7, 2015